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Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin
Directed by
Bronte Carmichael
Mark Gatiss
Oliver Ford Davies
Ronke Adekoluejo
Adrian Scarborough
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Ken Nwosu
John Dagleish
Amanda Lawrence
Orton O'Brien
Katy Carmichael
Tristan Sturrock
Jasmine-Simone Charles
Paul Chahidi
Matt Gavan
Gareth Mason
Summer Brooks
Amrou Al-Kadhi
Zain Falzon
Rainy Milo
Michael Jenn
Souad Faress
Alan Clark
Harriet Leitch
Vera Chok
Claire Redcliffe
Elsa Minell Solak
Matt Berry
Simon Farnaby
Matthew Earley
Vivien Bridson
Narinder Samra
Oliver Payne
David Hartley
Clara McGregor
Raj Ghatak
Jim Cummings
Brad Garrett
Nick Mohammed
Peter Capaldi
Sophie Okonedo
Sara Sheen
Toby Jones
Shola Adewusi
Lee Asquith-Coe
Roy Beck
Gintare Beinoraviciute
Bern Collao
Abbey Denne
Errol Francis
Matt Harvey
Connor Haywood
Tim Ingall
Jackson Kai
Yassine Mkhichen
Jeremy Oliver
Thomas Padden
Kumud Pant
Gino Picciano
Richard Price
Anthony Richard Rowe
Mark Sayer
Richard M. Sherman
Rahji Shrinarine
Peter Singh
Sharron Spice
Karol Steele
Chlo Swan
Rupert Turnbull
Rutvig Vaid
Jay Venner
Kai Williams
Evie Wray
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24th October 2018

There was another tight battle fought at the top of the UK box office this week with A Star Is Born just about holding onto the number 1 spot despite the challenge from Halloween.


A Star Is Born

The Bradley Cooper directed movie is proving to be a big pull with British audiences as the movie manges to stay at the top of the box office for a second week, on its third week of release.

Pulling in £2.8 million for a film in its third week of release is very good, this brings the films total gross to £14.8 million.


Highest new movie of the week is the sequel movie Halloween which is released 40 years after the original John Carpenter directed film and is being billed as a true sequel.

Starring original star Jamie Lee Curtis the film takes an excellent £2.6 million over the weekend, missing the number one spot by just over 200,000 pound.

Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween

Being October the Halloween based films are coming thick and fast and a more kid friendly film makes its debut at number 3 with a sequel to the 2015 film Goosebumps starring jack Black.

The original took £2.6 million on its debut and this sequel comes in just lower with £2.1 million.

Johnny English Strikes Again

The inept spy hangs around for a third week taking £1.6 million boosting its total UK gross to £10.9 million, this is lower than the other 2 films in the series at this stage of release.


Sony's Marvel anti-hero movie spends most likely its last week on the top 5 taking £1.5 million takings its UK gross to £16.6 million.

The film is the highest total grossing movie on the box offie this week.

Christopher Robin

The Disney movie makes a reappearance on the box office this week and by doing so becomes the longest running film on the top 15 with 9 weeks.

18th September 2018

Despite the less than favourable reviews The Predator takes the top spot on its debut weekend in the UK knocking horror film The Nun down to number 2.

Crazy Rich Asians

The sixth film in the Predator franchise (including the 2 cross over films with the Alien franchise) takes £2.3 million on its opening weekend which is in the same ball park of the previous film Predators from 2010.

The film will most likely have most of its business in this first weekend so expect the film to drop considerably on its second weekend.

Falling to number 2 this week is The Nun which takes £1.8 million on its second weekend of release which brings the films total gross to £7.7 million.

New at number 3 is the US smash hit Crazy Rich Asians, although the film doesn't seem to be repeating the same success in the UK.

There was an expectation that the film would top the box office but with a £1.6 million opening this is only good enough for a top 3 debut.

Michael Cains new film King Of Thieves enters the chart at number 4 with a £1.5 million debut.

The star has been in some big movies over the last 20 years which have had massive debuts but for a lesser known film this is a good debut, no doubt increased by his star power.

Finishing off the top 5 is former number 1 film Christopher Robin which takes £521,842 this week, this brings the films total gross after 5 weeks to £13 million.

12th September 2018

Following suit with the rest of the globe The Nun tops the Uk box office this weekend and as part of the Conjuring series of films this is the second highest debut of the series.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>Christopher Robin</i></span>

The Nun doesn't quite reach debut of The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case which took £4.6 on its debut but the £4 million opening isn't that far away.

With Halloween 6 weeks away the film could stick around for a few weeks but horror films like this do have a habit of upfront box office success, the bad reviews wont help much either!

Christopher Robin surrenders the top spot after 3 weeks at the top with a weekend gross of nearly £900,000 which brings the films total gross to £12 million after 4 weeks.

After a slow start to its box office run BlackKKlansman stays at number 3 this week with just under £800,000, this brings the films total gross after 3 weeks to £4.5 million making one of director Spike Lee's top films in the UK.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again has started to slow down now and this week falls to 4 with just over £700,000.

This brings the films total gross to £63.2 million and although a fantastic total gross for a sequel film is will now struggle to beat the total gross of the original Mamma Mia! and will likely not beat Avengers Infinity War as the top film of the year (so far).

Finally in the top 5 is The Meg which has far outstripped expectation and this weeks take just over £600,00 for a total of £15 million.

4th September 2018

For the third weekend straight the top two films in the UK are Disneys Christopher Robin and the sequel movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.


Christopher Robin's gross for the weekend, and unlike last weekend the only film to go a million pound, is £1.1 million which brings the films total after 3 weeks to a very respectable £10 million.

Staying on the runner up spot yet again Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again takes just under a million pounds, this now brings the films total to £61.6 million.

The top film so far in 2018 is Avengers: Infinity War with £70.8 million, there is every possibility that the Mamma Mia! sequel could beat this, but it could be a very close race.

Despite taking a little less than last weekend BlackKKlansman climbs the box office this weekend to number 3 with £922,806 which brings the films total after 2 week to £3.1 million.

The Meg is at 4 this week with £0.9 million which brings the films total to £13.9 million.

Finishing off the top 5 is new entry Searching which makes its debut with £765,050.

Top total grossing film of the week is Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

28th August 2018

There were no big films released this week in the UK which makes Christopher Robin spend a second weekend at the top and yet again it has Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again hard on its heels.


The final figures weren't quite as close as last week with Christopher Robin taking in £2.1 million which brings the films total gross after 10 days to £7.1 million.

Staying at number 2 for the fifth weekend is Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again which takes £1.7 million over the weekend, this brings the films total gross to an amazing £58.7 million.

The Meg stays at number 3 this week with £1.5 million for a £11.7 million total.

Finishing off the top 5 is Incredibles 2 and The Equalizer 2 with £1.26 million and £1.25 million which brings each films totals to £51.2 million and £4.5 million respectively.

Coming outside the top 5 the highest new film of the week is the Spike Lee directed BlackKKlansman which takes £1.24 million for the weekend meaning that there only £200,000 between number 4 and number 6.

Also new this week is The Spy Who Dumped Me at 7 with £1.05 million making the top 7 films all bring in over a million pound each and The Children Act at number 11 with £0.5 million.

Slender Man and Alpha are also new at number 14 and 14.

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Christopher Robin

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Christopher Robin

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

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Weeks on box office: 9

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