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11th January

Directed by

Wash Westmoreland


Fiona Shaw
Robert Pugh
Sloan Thompson
Arabella Weir
Máté Haumann
Ray Panthaki
Al Weaver
Virág Bárány
Dickie Beau
Kylie Watt
Janine Harouni
Jake Graf
Joe Geary
Rebecca Root
Julian Wadham
Eleanor Tomlinson
Polina Litvak
István Gyurity
Karen Gagnon
Alexandra Szucs
Aiysha Hart
Katinka Egres
Denise Gough
Mark Griffith
Johnny K. Palmer
Shannon Tarbet
Dorcas Coppin
Nathanaël Bez
David Shorter
Roderick Hill
Attila C. Arpa
Alexis Latham
Peter Schueller
Nick Scudamore
Anita Gera
Caroline Boulton
Izzy Bayley-King
Balázs Csémy
Karl Farrer
Caroline Garnell
Masayoshi Haneda
John Kinory

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Two head teachers, who may or may not have been lovers, compete for the allegiance of their well-bred, high-spirited students in a French finishing school.

Thu, 15th August 2019

Colette review – Keira Knightley shines as a racy writer wronged  The Guardian

Dominic West plays the French author's exploitative husband in this invigorating and kinky biopic set during the belle époque.

Wed, 9th January 2019

Colette review – Keira Knightley shines in gritty, glamorous biopic  The Guardian

Knightley plays a woman reclaiming her voice in Wash Westmoreland's beautiful biopic of the French author. Mark Kermode, Observer film critic.

Sun, 6th January 2019

Kristen Stewart's performance in JT LeRoy is no hoax  Big Issue

It's another literary hoax film based on a true story but the great cast means JT LeRoy deserves to be noticed.

Fri, 16th August 2019

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At Bomb magazine, film programmer Mark Lukenbill praises the recent digital restoration and rerelease of a lost classic of queer cinema: Olivia (1951), directed ...

Wed, 14th August 2019

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15th January 2019

Stan And Ollie knocks Mary Poppins Returns off the top spot on its debut weekend of release and Oscar potential The Favourite is still riding high after initial award season glory.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>Colette</i></span>

Stan And Ollie

With glowing reviews coming in last week the bio-pic of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy hits the top spot on its debut weekend giving the country some relief from the Superhero movies and special effects extravaganzas of recent weeks.

The film starring Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly get a UK debut weekend gross of £2.5 million.

The Favourite

The period drama starring Olivia Coleman gets a good start to the awards season which helps boosts the film by 9% over last weekend and keeps it at 2.

A second weekend gross of £2.3 million only just keeps it from the top although it is the biggest grossing film over the Monday - Sunday frame, its total gross is now £8.3 million.

Mary Poppins Returns

The family favourite falls to number 3 after 3 weeks at the top with a gross of £2.2 million which boosts its total UK gross to £38.2 million after 4 weeks, its currently the top UK film of 2019.


As the DC Universe film says hello to the global $1 Billion club it falls to number 4 in the UK with £1.2 million for a UK gross of £20.2 million.


The transformers movie takes £1.014 million this week for a £10.7 million total UK gross.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The film is still pulling in the audiences in the UK and this week takes £1.012 million for a total of £49.9 million, it will pass £50 million in the coming days.

In a rare move the top 6 films in the UK all grossed over £1 million this weekend.


The Keira Knightley starring film is the second highest new film of the week with £788,432 on its debut weekend.

8th February 2013

New films this week in the UK that will try and shift Les Miserables hold of the box office are - I Give it a Year, Disney's Wreck-It Ralph and the Alfred Hitchcock bio-pic Hitchcock. The week before Valentines Day we get a rom com that looks at how much trouble a marriage can be, and if it can last more than a year. Starring a strong British cast among the Americans the film stars Rose Bryne, Anna Faris and Rafe Spall along with Minnie Driver, Stephen Merchant, Olivia Colman and Jane Asher.

Disney release another computer generated animated movie that Pixar had nothing to do with. Based on video games and boasting cameos from top video game characters Wreck-It Ralph is about a bad guy in a video game that no longer want to be the bad guy!

Hitchcock is the story of Alfred Hitchcock and his wife during the period he was making Psycho, it concentrates on the dynamics between him and his wife and gives in insight to how driven he was during the making of his films, Anthony Hopkins stars as the famed director with Helen Mirren as his wife with support from Scarlett Johanson, Toni Colette and Jessica Biel.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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