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Computer Chess

Computer Chess
Directed by
Andrew Bujalski
Kriss Schludermann
Tom Fletcher
Wiley Wiggins
Patrick Riester
Kevin Bewersdorf
Gene Williams
Jim Lewis
Cole Noppenberg
Myles Paige
Gerald Peary
James Curry
Bob Sabiston
S. Kirk Walsh
Daniel Metz
Stephen Wheeler
Mark Blumberg
Eric Newton
Robin Schwartz
Kevin Welch
Brandon Thomas
Bert Herigstad
James Cooley
Cyrus Albertson
Kat McCullough
Margie Beegle
Terry Beegle
Cyndi Williams
Chris Doubek
Tishuan Scott
Annie LaGanga
Bill Wise
Jonny Mars
Rebecca Beegle
David L. Dunn
Gordon Kindlmann
Anne Dodge
Jane Kindlmann
Stewart Gray
Edith Mannix
Dustin Guy Defa
Elena Eidelberg
Collie Ryan
Camron Rushin
Gabriel Alack
James Armstrong
David Basnight
Ron Blanton
Sean Burke
Robert Carrillo
Ben Cholok
Kevin Bev Collins
Jim Crews
Corey Crowley
Dan Davis
Jeff Davis
Wolf Dilworth
Tommy Dore
Adam Dziuk
Dan Eggleston
Bradley Eversley
Michael Feinstein
Lee Feller
Bill Fichtner
Michael Field
Benjamin Finkel
Josef Foerster
Richard Gaines
Russ Gardner
Bernardo Garza
Julian Gonzalez
Lyon Grauity
Ryan Green
Steve Harvell
Zach Hennig
Andy Hopkins
Austin Horne
Misty Horne
Jon Huebner
Nate Jackson
John Kaatz
Parteesh Kaul
Kris Kern
Jimmy King
Michael Latta
Kenneth Buffalo Liverman
Corey Lockwood
Trent Lockwood
Audrey Lopata
Marie Luna
Lee Mendez
Joshua Mendoza
Michael Nguyen
Alan Oliver
Johnny Pacia
Rod Paddock
W.A. Pete Peters
Ari Phillips
Ben Ploughman
Ralph Power
Vincent James Prendergast
Jason Reyes
Howie Richey
Christopher Robinson
TJ Robinson
Trey Robinson
David Rosenbaum
Jerry Rutherford
Stephen Salisbury
Josh Sklar
Daniel Smith
Yonaton Smith
Robert Sparks
Steve Startakov
Bradley Tamkin
Gary Teague
Ed Trevis
Rob Van Gieson
Aiden Williams
Duncan Williams
Terri Williams
Jim Wynn

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Computer Chess

UK BBFC Certificate: 15


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22 November 2013