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Crazy Alien

Crazy Alien
Directed by
Matthew Morrison
Tom Pelphrey
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Ron Smoorenburg
Bo Huang
Zheng Xu
Teng Shen
Kat Nelson
Jiayin Lei
David Rayden
Dan Darin-Zanco
Anthony Gavard
Nathaniel Boyd
Mekael Turner
Michael J. Gralapp
Mathieu Jaquet
Randall Lowell
Scotty Bob Cox
Fei Deng

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Wed, 6th February 2019

18th February 2019

The Chinese film The Wandering Earth keeps hold of the global box office for a second weekend with Alita: battle Angel showing good strength with its US release.

Alita: battle Angel

The Wandering Earth

Topping the global box office for a second weekend the Chinese hit takes $96.9 million from just 3 countries this weekend to boost its total global box office to an amazing $609.3 million.

Alita: Battle Angel

With its release in the US the manga live action movie from director Robert Rodriguez climbs to number 2 with a gross of $83.9 million from 86 countries.

the films total world gross now sits at $130 million.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

After entering at number 3 last weekend the brick movie remains in the same place this week with $33.3 million from 69 countries.

The films total gross is now $97 million after 2 weeks, it will hit $100 million by next weekend.

Crazy Alien

Still pulling in audiences in China this comedy is at number 4 this week with a gross of $28.1 million from just the single country.

This pushes the films total global gross to $318.4 million.


There is again a Chinese film to finish off the top 5 this week as the hit film takes $25.7 million from 6 countries to boosts its total cume to $238.4 million.

11th February 2019

It was the Chinese new year this past week and Chinese films absolutely dominated the global box office with The Wandering Earth heading a trio of film inside the top 5.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The Wandering Earth

Opening in China to $172.2 million from 3 countries, the Chinese Sci-fi dominated the Chinese box office over the luna new year celebrations and hence dominated the global box office.

The Frant Gwo directed movie has a total global gross of $289 million, the closest Hollywood film this week is the second lego movie entering the box office down at 3.

Crazy Alien

Also doing well at the Chinese box office is Crazy Alien which leapt to number 2 this week with $77.6 million from 2 countries which boosts its total global gross to $213.5 million.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Highest new film of the week is a Hollywood movie which enters at number 3 with a debut gross of $53.1 million from a quite large 64 countries.


Released in 6 countries the Han Han directed movie takes $52.4 million over the weekend to boosts its total global gross to $150.6 million.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Falling quite hard fro, the top this week the third Dragon movie takes $38.2 million from 47 countries on its second weekend to boost its total gross to $138.7 million.

The film is yet to be released in much of the world, including the US, which will give the film a second wind and boost on the box office charts.

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