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Directed by
Ryan Coogler
Tessa Thompson
Phylicia Rashad
Andre Ward
Tony Bellew
Ritchie Coster
Jacob Stitch Duran
Graham McTavish
Malik Bazille
Ricardo McGill
Gabe Rosado
Wood Harris
Buddy Osborn
Rupal Pujara
Brian Anthony Wilson
Joey Eye
Johanna Tolentino
Anthony Brice
Kash Goins
Michael Barker
Clare O'Malley
Kevin King Templeton
Roy James Wilson
Mauricio Ovalle
Mark Rhino Smith
Josue Rivera
Hans Marrero
Derrick Webster
Manny Ayala
Anthony Martins
Ricardo Vera
Shawn Clark
Christian D. Ellison
Frank Pesce
Robert Sale
Richard Lyntton
Kathleen M. Deegan
Marquise Noel
Liev Schreiber
Elvis Grant
Max Kellerman
Jim Lampley
Michael Buffer
Michael Wilbon
Tony Kornheiser
Hannah Storm
Alex Henderson
Khareem Hinton
Noah Coogler
Nelson Bonilla
Troy Faruk
Angela Davis
Claire Bronson
Deborah Ingersoll
Robert Douglas
Troy Weston
Ludwig Goransson
Moses Sumney
Kenneth Martin
Jermaine Holt
Horace Knight
Sli Lewis
Brionna Maria Lynch
Jalil Jay Lynch
Zedric Harris
Christopher Jon Gombos
Jeff Ward
Terry Lee Fields II
Stephen Chang
Tyrone Crawley Jr.
Callie McGlade
Harry Mearing
Ron Parson
Matthew Sherer
Richard Adams
Nateice Aisha
Chris Albright
Ryan Allen
Alisa Anderson
Chandra Anderson
Christopher R. Anderson
Michael Angelo
Kristina Aponte
Tony Bailey
Neil Baltus
Raymond Michael Bell
Tai Birch
Robert Bizik
Will Blagrove
Todd Bobenrieth
Adam Bolden
Matthew Bowerman
Maria Breyman
William Bryant Jr.
Oliver Burbage
Phil Cappadora
Costello Carey
Peter Chiamardas
Rocky Ciarrocchi
Joseph Clear
David Cohen
Michael Connolly
Shawn Contois
Anthony B. Cooper
William Curtis Coppersmith
Brian Costantino
Vincent Cucuzza
Stephanie Damiano
Soso DaSilva
Elijah Davis
Eric Davis
Michael Ross Davis
Dominic DeAngelo
J. Domenic DeMuro
Johanna DeRogatis
Deborah DeStefano
Nakia Dillard
John DiRenzo
James Donahue
Kerry Dutka
Lewis Duval
Bryan Enright
Mark Falvo
Irvens Fede
Nathan Ferguson
Kyle Flynn
Tracy Flynn
T.G. Gainey
Brian Gildea
Rob Giumarra
John Glynos
Ozz Gomez
Shawn Gonzalez
Jibril Goodman
Erik Goserud
Philip Greene
Najee Griffin
Nick Grock
Michelle Xander Gruver
Fred Gusoff
Michael Hagen
Laura Hart
Monica Haynes
Angela Hollis
Brandon Hoover
John Charles Hunt
James F. Jacobs
Lisa Jiang
Francisco Joseph
Michael Anthony Joy
Ryan Kash
Cory Kastle
Basil Kershner
David Kneeream
Randall Law
James L. Leite
Tom Leonard
Julia Leusner
Aaqilah Lewis
Derrick T. Lewis
Devante LeYeom
Dominic Longo
Dennis Mahoney
Dov Markowich
John Martineau
Sharrie McCain
Jalina Mercado
John Merolla
Melissa Merry
John Mitchell
Jeffrey Mowery
Jason Mullen
Craig Myers
Matt Nicholas
Maarten Olaya
Lou Pacheco
Robert Patriarca
Charles Pendelton
Rich Petrillo
Jon Douglas Rainey
Diezel Ramos
Amanda Ramsaran
Justin Robertson
James Robinson Jr.
Ricky Roma
Zack Rose
Neil Samuels
Juan G. Sanchez
Nola Sanginiti
Michelle Santiago
Daniel Sassa
Kelsey Lynn Schepise
Sandy Schwartz
Johnny Serret
Ryan Shank
Wayne Shearer
Shawn Shillingford
James Smith
Keyon Smith
Nancy Sokerka
Aleksandra Svetlichnaya
Brandon Tamburri
Georgie-May Tearle
Kyasia M. Thomas
Vincent Antonio Thomas
Lori Titus
Michael Trent
Brian Tronieri
Nicole Tyree
Elisha van Rensburg
Michael Vechesky
Juan Pablo Veiza
Sonny Vellozzi
Mark Violi
Paul Wallis
Rasheme Watson
Christopher Weite
Barry Wetcher
Dallas White
Terron Whitsett
Alice Wills
Page Peter Wilson
Tamara Woods
Gerald Yelverton

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28th January 2019

Glass remained at the top of the global box office this weekend although the big story is that the "family friendly" version of Deadpool 2, Once Upon A Deadpool 2 opened big in China to push it back to number 2.

Deadpool 2


Remaining at the top for a second week the M. Night Shyamalan hit film took $42.6 million from 56 countries, this boosts its total global gross to $162.6 million meaning it will soon to the directors biggest film.

Deadpool 2

Released in much of the world over Christmas of 2018, hence the retitle to Once Upon A Deadpool 2, the re-cut version of the film hit China this week and $21.4 million opening, this takes the films total global gross to $767.6 million.

Extreme Job

The Chinese film was only released in the one terretory this week but still took $20 million taking it to number 3 on the global box office and the highest new film of the week.


The DC film reached another milestone this week as it is now the top grossing DC film ever beating The Dark Knight Rises from 2012.

A $15.1 million weekend from a massive 80 countries gives the film the fourth spot and takes the films total global gross to $1.09 Billion.

Creed II

The second Creed movie is doing better than the original movie and this week add $13.8 million from 45 countries to boosts its total gross to $190.9 million.

13th December 2018

There were no new releases on the US box office top 10 this week hence Ralph Breaks The Internet remains at the top of a totally static top 5.

The Grinch

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Making it a third weekend at the top the Disney movie takes $16.2 million for a new total gross of $140.9 million

The Grinch

Five weeks on and the Dr. Seuss movie is still at number 2 with a weekend gross of $15 million which elevates its total to a very nice $223.2 million.

Creed II

The boxing sequel movie takes just shy of $10 million on its third weekend of release, the film has now take $96.1 million in total.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Despite performing below par the Fantastic Beasts sequel movie takes $7 million on its fourth weekend to bring its US total to $145 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Freddy Mercury film takes $6.1 million on its sixth weekend of release for a good $173.7 million total gross.

13th December 2018

With little in the way of new releases the top spot remains the same as Ralph Break The Internet stays at the top, highest new film of the week is The Old Man And The Gun at number 7.

The Old Man And The Gun

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Spending a second weekend at the top Disneys Internet inspired sequel movie takes £2.4 million to boost its total gross to £7.4 million.

The Grinch

As we get deeper into the Christmas season audiences have started to take notice of the animated adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book.

This weekend, its 5th, the film goes up to number 2 with a £2 million weekend boosting its total to £19.4 million.

Creed II

The boxing sequel drops to number 3 on its second weekend with a £1.7 million weekend to increase its total UK gross to £5.9 million.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Hanging onto a place on the top 5 at number 4 this week the Wizarding World film takes £1.4 million over its 4th weekend, the film has now taken £29.2 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Finishing off the top 5 the Queen film which has enchanted audiences and on its seventh week tales just under a million pound for a £43.9 million total.

5th December 2018

After 2 weeks at the top Fantastic Beasts 2 gives up the number one spot so Ralph Breaks The Internet can make its debut at the top.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>Creed</i></span> II

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Making its debut at the top of the UK box office is Disney's latest film starring Wreck-It Ralph from the 2013 movie that bears his name.

Also starring his best friend Venelope the film makes its debut with £4 million which is marginally lower than the originals debut in February of 2013.

Creed II

Also making its debut this week is another sequel movie, this time its the follow up to 2016's Creed which also starred Micheal B. Jordan and Sylester Stallone.

Taking nearly £3 million on its debut this is above the debut of the original film which on to make over £5.5 million.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Three weeks on and the Wizarding film falls to number 3 with a still respectable £2.7 million which boosts the films total to £26.7 million.

The Grinch

The Dr Seuss animation takes £2.3 million this week to increase its UK gross to £17 million after 4 weeks of release.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Finishing off the top 5 is the Queen bio-pic which this week takes £1.5 million.

Six weeks on and tes film has now grossed £42 million which makes it the 5th top grossing movie in the UK for 2018.

3rd December 2018

Fantastic Beasts 2 is still doing well at the box office, especially outside the US, but Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet was too strong this week and (just) tops the global box office.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Expanding to 28 countries this week the Disney property takes $59.4 million globally for the weekend which boosts its total global cume to $206.9 million after 2 weeks.

There are still a lot of countries to open in so expect this to hand around for much of Christmas and into the new year.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Not too far behind is the Wizarding World film which this week takes $51.4 million from a massive 81 countries to boost its total global cume to $519.6 million.

The film is behind the first movie of the series in the UK but slightly ahead in the rest of the world.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Bryan Singer directed movie has done far better than expected across the globe and this week passes a new milestone of passing the half billion mark.

The film takes an excellent $45 million over the weekend from 73 countries to push ots total global take to $539.5 million.

The Grinch

The Dr Seuss animation drops to 4 this week with $44.8 million from 55 countries, this bbosts the films global gross to $268.3 million.

Creed II

The boxing sequel expands to 30 countries this week and takes $26.8 million to boost its total gross to $92.5 million, it will pass $100 million by next weekend.

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