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Daddys Home 2
Owen Vaccaro
Scarlett Estevez
Didi Costine
Connor Wise
Daphne Wise
Dylan Wise
John Cena
Andrea Anders
Kyle Tristan
Hector Presedo
Yamilah Saravong
Daniel DiMaggio
Matthew Delamater
Yimmy Yim
Bill Mootos
Jose Guns Alves
Naheem R. Garcia
John MacGregor
Kelly Dooley
Anne Krane
Matt Catanzano
Molly Schreiber
Vicki Hanes
Jonathan Angel
J.D. Donaruma
Jonathan Kobs
Oscar Wahlberg
Priscilla Manning
Chesley Sullenberger
Tony V
Sylvia Barjolo
Hillary Olinger
Richard Trip Case Iii
Allen Zwolle
Marisa Pazik
Kermens Atwood
Ralph Ayala
Kaden Barry
Erika Belisle
Sophia Bellas
Susan Bergeron
David S. Bookbinder
Shayna Bredbeck
Eliane Brick
Thomas Brogan
Ryan Burton
Ronald Cabral
Trip Case
Joanie Catalano
Kayla Caulfield
Meghan Chery
Bo Cleary
Melinda Coady
Nahtoreya Coleman
Angel Connell
Eric Consolazio
Benjamin Crocker
Kevin Daigneault
Jerry DiLeo
Sunny Duane
Ray Dudley
Jody Ebling
Joseph Edwards
Brendan Egan
Manny Famolare
Kristen Anne Ferraro
Olivia Filleti
Steve Flynn
Dick Forde
John Franchi
Frankie François
Susan Garibotto
Ed Goode
Anabel Graetz
Elaine Victoria Grey
Jed Griswold
Alin Halajian
Mark Hemphill
Johnny L. Hernandez
Arthur Hiou
Mary Hronicek
Lin Hultgren
Ian Dylan Hunt
Frankie Imbergamo
Kerri Jackman
Glenn W. Kane
Ken Kansky
Dov Kling-Levine
Sasha Kuznetsova
James L. Leite
Sydney Lezama
Charles Luise
Rob Lévesque
Tom Mariano
Jalesia Martinez
Elle Matarazzo
Lily McEvoy
Lucas McEvoy
Brooke McMaster
Brendan Meehan
Adrian M. Mompoint
Bella Moore
Steven Mulcahy Jr.
Lance Norris
Joseph Oliveira
Colton Osorio
Arissa Page
Marybeth Paul
Anthony Pelton
Andre Pith
Kelly Pokrywka
Leah Procito
Suzanne Prunty
Logan Raposo
Ralph Regine
Max Ripley
Bob Rochelle
Dannielle Rose
Manajhjanihe Royalle
Sheila Salaverry
Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos
Nicole Sarmiento
John Sarnie
Scott Sederquist
Sammy Silverwatch
Travis Starr
David Struffolino
Stephen Trouskie
Peter Lewis Walsh
Mike Weiner
Amy Whalen

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19th December 2017

No Surprise on this weeks UK box office that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the top film, its more of a case of what numbers did it manage.

With less anticipation it didn't do as well at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it did better than last years offshoot Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

A £28 million opening is the 3rd highest in the UK evert after the previous Star Wars and Spectre, time will tell what the final gross will be but with mixed reviews it will most likely be around the £90 million mark and be a top 5 top film in the UK.

Paddington 2 falls to number 2 while Daddys Home 2 is at number 3.

Wonder is still doing well at number 4 with Justice League falling to number 5 this week.

UK top 10 box office weekend 15th - 17th December 2017

1 Star Wars: The Last Jedi £28,010,841
2 Paddington 2 £1,357,273
3 Daddys Home 2 £1,032,977
4 Wonder £467,987
5 Justice League £222,698
6 Murder On The Orient Express £196,186
7 The Disaster Artist £118,044
8 A Bad Moms Christmas £97,840
9 The Star £93,775
10 Thor: Ragnarok £92,665

12th December 2017

Paddington 2 wins the UK box office again, now on its 5th week of release and 3rd week in total at the top

Highest new film of the week if Stronger starring Jake Gyllenhaal at number 10.

Longest running film of the week is Thor: Ragnorak which is also the highest total grossing film with £30.6 million.

UK box office for weekend of 8th - 10th December 2018 as follows:

1 Paddington 2 £1,690,027
2 Daddys Home 2 £1,135,646
3 Wonder £742,687
4 Justice League £552,227
5 Murder On The Orient Express £412,400
6 The Disaster Artist £331,685
7 Thor: Ragnarok £242,176
8 A Bad Moms Christmas £168,037
9 Nutcracker ROH 2017/18 £137,861
10 Stronger £102,379

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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 8

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Total UK gross £14,296,957 and the 382th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

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