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Directed by
Adam Salky
Emmy Rossum
Cady Huffman
Ashley Springer
Matthew Garrick
Brianne Berkson
Lucy McMichael
Annie Hibbs
Zach Gilford
Chris Riggi
Alan Cumming
Emily McNamara
Suzanne Savoy
Adam Fleming
Ana Gasteyer
Wayne Pyle
Ellis Lane
David Brind
Brea Bee
Sandra Bernhard
Susan Triggiani
Michael Braun
Luka Apt
David J. Bonner
Joe DeMarzio
Robert Fazio
Nicole Grace
Aaron Benjamin Miller
Liz OLeary
Andy Sinatra
David M. Sitbon
Nathan Unsworth
Teddy Valdes
Michael Tamin Yurcaba
Joe Zarriello

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13th November 2018

After the teaser yesterday for Toy Story 4 which re-introduced us to the main players in the saga as well as a new one, today we get a new teaser with another couple of new characters.

Dare we say it that this is better than the one yesterday? yes we can so check it our below.

23rd April 2018

There was a very tight race at the top of the US box office this week with A Quiet Place retaking the top spot with a million dollar margin.

The critically praised horror movie went back to the top after a week away with a $22 million weekend which brings the film total gross to $132 million after 3 weeks.

Rampage falls to number 2 after a week at the top but it was with the tightest of margins and only just misses out on a second weekend at the top.

$21 million for the weekend means the Dwayne Johnson film has taken $66 million after 2 weeks of release.

Highest new film of the week is the Amy Schumer vehicle I Feel Pretty which lands at number 3 with $16 million.

To finish off the US box office top 5 is a new entry from Super Trooper 2 at 4 with $14 million and Truth or Dare which falls to 5 with $8 million.

16th April 2018

After an incredible 4 weeks at the top of the UK box office Rampage come knocks Peter Rabbit down to number 2.

Starring Dwayne Johnson the video game adaptation lands at the top with a weekend gross of £4 million.

After the success of Johnson last film Jumanji he is a box office pull at the moment and this could have good legs and go on to gross over £20 million in the UK.

Peter Rabbit falls to number 2 this week with £2 million which after 5 weeks brings the films total gross to and excellent £38 million.

After entering the chart at 2 last week A Quiet Place falls to number 3 this week with £2 million bringing the film UK gross to £6 million.

Ready Player One falls to 4 this week with just over a million bringing the total gross to £14 million while new at 5 is Truth or Dare which lands with just shy of a million.

16th April 2018

With a very narrow margin the Dwayne Johnson starring Rampage knocks A Quiet Place off the top spot after just one week.

Rampage, loosely based on the video game, takes over at the top with a weekend gross of $34.5 million.

Johnson's star is shining bright at the moment and after the success of Jumanji last Christmas it's no surprise this has become a big hit.

With a very small drop in takings form last weekend A Quiet Place falls to number 2, but with $32.6 million over the weekend it was a close call and the film is very close to a US total gross of $100 million.

New at 3 is Truth or Dare which takes $19 million for the weekend which at 4 is Ready Player One which takes $11 million for the weekend and brings the films total gross to $111 million in the US.

FInally in the top 5 is Blockers which takes $10 million for the weekend bringing the films total gross to $36 million.

8th May 2017

When there is a new Marvel film in town the all others distributers give the film a wide berth, and with the Chris Pratt and Zoe Seldana headed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 the big film nothing else stood a chance.

With an opening gross of $145 million on its debut if nothing stood in its path, the Guardians franchise has become one of Marvels biggest properties and Vol 2 opens over 50% more than the first film.

It is also the 15th consecutive film to debut at number one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with a good roster of films going forward there will be no letup.

Falling to number 2 after 3 weeks at the top is The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8) which takes a still respectable $8.5 million this week which brings its total gross in America to $207 million.

With the release of a Marvel film nothing else dare even think about opening and so there are no other new film this week.

Longest running film and highest total grossing movie on the US box office this week is Beauty and the Beast which is at number 5 this week, has been released for 8 weeks and grossed $487 million.

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