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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
Directed by
Kristin Scott Thomas
Ronald Pickup
Stephen Dillane
Nicholas Jones
Samuel West
David Schofield
Richard Lumsden
Malcolm Storry
Hilton McRae
Benjamin Whitrow
Joe Armstrong
Adrian Rawlins
David Bamber
Paul Leonard
David Strathairn
Eric MacLennan
Philip Martin Brown
Demetri Goritsas
Jordan Waller
Alex Clatworthy
Mary Antony
Bethany Muir
Anna Burnett
Jeremy Child
Brian Pettifer
Michael Gould
Paul Riddell
Robin Pearce
Michael Bott
Oliver Broche
Mario Hacquard
Pip Torrens
Edmund Wiseman
Hannah Steele
Nia Gwynne
Ade Haastrup
James Eeles
Flora Nicholson
Bronte Carmichael
Roisin O'Neill
John Locke
Jo Neary
Richard Glover
Tom Ashley
Joshua Higgott
Imogen King
Miles Gallant
Faye Marsay
John Atterbury
James Harkness
Joshua James
Charley Palmer Rothwell
Clive Aitkins
Clare Almond
David Olawale Ayinde
Michael Barron
Christopher Ben
Annarie Boor
Mark Cross
Nigel Eaton
Mike Firth
David Gambier
Shane Griffin
Cris Haris
Michael Haydon
Danny Henville
Zak Holland
Tim Ingall
Angelique Joan
Davey Jones
Keith Lomas
Marian Lorencik
Martyn Mayger
Andy Mihalache
Johnny Mindlin
Perry J. OHalloran
Yves O'Hara
Johnny Otto
Andrew Reed
Lewis Reynolds
Nig Richards
James Thomas Scott
Nick Simons
Beatrice Stein
Danny Stewart
Neil Swift
Sam Thompson

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Falling to number 2 this week on its 7th weekend of release is The Greatest Showman which has shown incredible staying power.

A weekend gross of nearly £2 million brings the total to just over £26 million.

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Despite not being a number one hit for Aardman Early Man has stayed in the top 5 consistently and this week brings in another £1.1 million to bring its total to over £5 million.

Finishing off the top 5 is Darkest Hour which has a total UK gross of £20.6 million.

Worth noting this week is The Greatest Showman takes over from Darkest Hour as the top film of 2018 to date.

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Coco stays put at number 2 with a £1.65 million gross which brings its total to £10.2 million.

Darkest Hour falls to number 3 this week after a single week at the top, a £1.63 million over the weekend and its total climbs to £18.6 million.

Early man which had a dissapointing debut last week climbs to number 4 this week with £1.5 million and Maze Runner: The Death Cure falls to number 5 with £1.5 million.

Highest new film of the week is Den of Thieves which is new at 6 with £1 million.

A couple of worthy notes this week, Darkest Hour was the top grossing film across the week Monday - Sunday, and something very rare the whole of the top 6 grossed over a million pound although the top 15 total gross was down on the previous week.

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Doing a yoyo back up the charts this week is the award laden and Oscar hopeful Darkest Hour which goes back to the top after a week away.

The whole of the top 5 was actually very close and all took over £2 million, not something you see that often, Darkest Hour took £2.6 million to brings its total to £15 million.

Falling to number 2 this week is Coco after a week at number 2, a £2.3 million weekend brings the total to £8 million.

Highest new entry of the week comes in at number 3 in the shape of threequel Maze Runner The Death Cure which takes £2.2 million over the weekend.

This is a very similar gross to both the other 2 films in the series and so should end up around the £8 million mark.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Greatest Showman which is doing great business and the biggest shock of the week Early Man which makes its debut at 5.

A new film from Aardman and directed by the great Nick Park should have challenged for the top spot, but a close top 5 gives it a £2 Million debut.

Worth noting, if the chart were counted on a weeks Monday - Sunday bases it would have been quite different, Darkest Hour would still have been the top film but The Greatest Showman would have been second The Post third with Coco fourth and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri fifth.

Movie details
UK total gross
UK top grossing film

US total gross
Darkest Hour

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

Popular in: United Kingdom and Ukraine

Box Office
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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 8

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