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Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon

Directed by


Douglas M. Griffin
James DuMont
Joe Chrest
Gina Rodriguez
Brad Leland
David Maldonado
J.D. Evermore
Ethan Suplee
Jason Pine
Jason Kirkpatrick
Robert Walker Branchaud
Jonathan Angel
Bill McMullen
Jeremy Sande
Stella Allen
Peter Berg
Juston Street
Anthony Centonze
Zachary Guerra
Chris Ashworth
Graham McGinnis
Robert Nash
Henri Esteve
Sean Carter
Elizabeth Carey
Mustafa Harris
Joel Allen
Henry Frost
Terry Milam
Garrett Kruithof
Michael Howell
Ronald Weaver
Deneen Tyler
Jim Klock
Leighton Gonzales
Michael O'Brien
Garrett Hines
Rob Steinberg
Trace Adkins
Kurt Peterson
Cierra Price
Kenneth Billings
Ilan Muallem
Wesley Figaro
Jennifer Tamminen
Carliene O'Connor
Craig Shellenberger
Trent Zimmer
Ronnie Cupstid
David William Donze
Micah le Blanc
Patrick Arabie
Brandt Allen
Kelly Smith
Stephen Nicoll
Preston Brice
Randolph Perkins
Cedric Gervais
David Grutman
Peter Trentacosta II
Jenny Kubiak
Steve Fisher
Tawnya Carr
Meghan Gatto
Tom Yura
Sandra Santiago
Scott Francis Campbell
Barry Fallon
Mark Schotz
Anthony Ace Thomas
Barker Carlock
Tracy B. Mann
Richard Williams
Derek Thorsrud
Nick Litchfield
Robert Lovett
Frédéric North
Mayla Parker
Darrell L. Shuler
Chris Angerdina
Michael D. Anglin
Sue-Lynn Ansari
Robert Arceneaux
John L. Armijo
Nazeema Bartek
Tony Beard
Rusty Bourg
Justin Burkhamer
Jeff Caperton
Devin Lord Chachere
Timothy Cornelius
Stephen J. Cortez
Francis Dobrisky
Micheal K. Douglas
Bud Galloway
Parker Hankins
Pixie Hankins
Gary A. Hecker
Christopher Heskey
Julia Holt
Ronnie Hooks
Adam Horwitz
Jeremy D. Jackson
Alexander Christopher Jones
Allyson Leigh Jordan
Patrick Kearns
John C. Klein
Jenny Lacey
Rob Mars
Mike R. Moreau
Duane Moseley
Chuck Newsom
Ron M Patterson
Devin Posey
Hannah Powell-Yost
James Rawlings
Sammy Romeo
Robert Segari
Logan Douglas Smith
Sean Stevens
Daryl Thibodaux
Danny Vince
Jacob Walker
Samuel A. Woodworth
Jesse Yarborough

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Deepwater Horizon

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Deepwater Horizon

UK BBFC Certificate: 12a

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Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 4

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