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Detention No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.



Directed by

Joseph Kahn


Spencer Locke
Aaron Perilo
Walter Perez
Jesse Heiman
Will Wallace
Brooke Haven
Parker Bagley
Richard Brake
James Black
Jessica Lee
Kate Kelton
Shanley Caswell
Jan Anderson
Carrie Wiita
Matthew Albrecht
Erica Shaffer
Michael Esparza
Melanie Abramoff
Lindsey Morgan
Danae McKillop
Tiffany Boone
Ryan Heinke
Tammy Minoff
Brian Guest
Allison Paige
Arthur Darbinyan
Julie Dolan
Joseph Keane
Marque Richardson
Yves Bright
Travis Fleetwood
Aaron David Johnson
Alison Woods
Westley Nguyen
Erich Lane
Aaron Albert
Kristine Caluya
Skye P. Marshall
Adam Aarons
Kristin Ige
Brennan Murray
Mickey River
Ilana Cohn
Pamela Cedar
Rootie Boyd
Life Garland
Sara Amini
Joel Harold
Jay Brian Winnick
Jean Elie
Bryce Blais
Patrick Babbitt
Javier Montoya
Matthew Jordan
Josh Breeding
Jonathan Park
John Reha
Annie Hsu
Ruben Colunga
Tyler Sean Palmer
Nicolo Dorian
Eliot Bitting
Alex Rouch
Daniel Blake
Timothy Snopkowski
Harry Anthony Shelley
Justin Charles Smith
John Andrade
Pierangelo Buonamici
Adam Waller
Richie McCord
Ron Bakken
Candace McKinney
Jeffrey Patrick Olson
Haref Topete

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8th August 2009

With the sad passing of legendary '80's teen movie director John Hughes this week I find myself for the second time in a couple of months reflecting on my childhood, I grew up watching John Hughes movies as I did listening to Michael Jackson music.

John Hughes was a director and writer who was tapped directly into the teenage angst of the '80's, like almost no other writer of the time we demonstrated on screen and in words exactly what us teens at the time were thinking and trying to tell our parents.

It doesn't matter if it was Ferris Buellers rebelling against the school and deciding to have a day off, or 5 kids stuck in detention for crimes of simply growing up, the anguish a young boy, or girl, can go through when the object of their affection fancies someone else, these movies spoke to us and often spoke for us.

My personal favourite film of his is The Breakfast Club, as with all his films it has what is now considered a typical 80's soundtrack, but the moment you see Judd Nelson punch the air and hear Simple Minds chant "he he he" you know it's an iconic figure to last. Weird Science and Ferris Buellers Day Off of further examples of classic teen movies much loved by the kids of the generation and directed by Hughes, but it's the films he attached his name to as producer or writer which further show proof of his genius.

Although it's been nearly 20 years since his name was really in the spotlight with a big movie his legendary status has survived and he will be sorely missed.