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Dracula Untold No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


3rd October
Dracula Untold

Directed by

Gary Shore


Luke Evans
Art Parkinson
Charles Dance
Diarmaid Murtagh
Paul Kaye
William Houston
Noah Huntley
Ronan Vibert
Zach McGowan
Ferdinand Kingsley
Joseph Long
Thor Kristjansson
Jakub Gierszal
Joe Benjamin
Paul Bullion
Mish Boyko
Dilan Gwyn
Arkie Reece
Phil Zimmerman
Dominic Borrelli
Tom Benedict Knight
Paul Casar
Stavros Demetraki
Ruth Baxter
Rachel Kennedy
Louise Parker
Glen Barry
Shane McCaffrey
Gary Whelan
Guillaume Meliot
Jason Coalter
John Friel
Cole Currin
Andrew Laverty
Matthew Åkerfeldt
Eugene Furphy
Chris Cherry
Graham Hutton
Chris Keenan
Ross Moneypenny
Joe Kelly
Bobby Marno
Phil McKee
Darren McMullan
Andrew McQuade
Connor Schelling-Tisza
Graham Cave
Norman Coates
Xander Duffy
Tyrone Kearns
Gordon Bell
Al Geddes
Arthur Halligey
Paul Kavanagh
Derek Mayne
Gavin McCormick
Paul Monahan
Jeffrey O'Brien
Charlene Gleeson
Ann O'Connor
Gretta Shore
Orlaith Shore
Penelope Simmons
Hunter Stratton Boland
Maria Laird
Aodhan McGowan
Sarah-Louise Haveron
Lasco Atkins
Volkan Ay
Charlie Berkeley
Richard Buick
Cillean Campbell
Frank Cannon
John Carr
Andrew Cassidy
Ash Cook
Roger Dane
Alex Delescu
Laurence Doherty
Nick Donald
James Edlin
Micheal Fay
Craig Goult
Richard Hansen
Justin E. Hayward
Bomber Hurley-Smith
Mel Lyle
Davide Manganelli
Felicity McKee
Joana Metrass
Jesse Morris
J.J. Murphy
Niall Murphy
Jeffrey Nelson
TyLean Polley
Aaron Rolph
Michael Soteriou
Marco Staines
Neville Steenson
Freigeist van Tazzy
John Warman
Omar Youssef
Andrew Zographos

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Dracula Untold

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Dracula Untold

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Dracula Untold
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 4

UK Box Office Chart History
News from around the web
23rd February 2015

Another week and another film debut's at the top of the UK video chart, this week we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the remake/reboot film from last year debut at number 1.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released at the UK box office on 17th October 2014 and took the number 1 spot on it's weekend of release.

It's debut gross was £4.8 million and over a 6 week box office chart run it gross a very respectable £13.8 million which makes it the 312th highest grossing film in the UK.

Globally the film did very well, in the US it took $273 million and globally it took $464 million making it the 147th highest grossing film ever.

Last weeks top film, Dracula Untold slips a single place to 2 this week.

Also new to the UK video chart is: The Book of Life at 4, The Babadook at number 6, Dolphin Tale 2 at number 9 and Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at 15.

19th February 2015

This has another change at the top of the UK video chart with Dracula Untold being the biggest selling film on its debut week of release.

Dracula Untold was released at the UK box office on 3rd October of 2014 and entered at number 2 that week with a debut weekend gross of £1.7 million.

The film was a relatively small hit and hung around the chart for 4 weeks raking in a total gross of £4.7 million during that time.

New at number 2 this week is The Maze Runner which was a bigger hit at the box office than Dracula Untold, released on the 10th October 2014 it's total gross was £8.6 million over 6 weeks.

Also new this week is The Best of Me at number 5.

Worthy of a mention this week, this is the first week since it's video release that Disney's frozen has not featured on the video chart top 20, it's at number 31.

13th October 2014

At the US box office this week David Finchers Gone Girl retains it's position at the top despite some heavy competition from Dracula Untold.

On it's second week of release Gone Girl takes $26.8 million in box office takings to give it a 10 day, 2 weekend, total gross of $78.3 million.

Dracula Untold made a good attempt at beating it but it only managed to enter the box office at 2 this week after taking $23.5 million in box office takings.

Other new film on the American box office are
Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which enters at 3 with $19.1 million.
The Judge which surprisingly for a Robert Downey Jr. film enters at 5 with $13.3 million.
Addicted which enters at 7 with $7.6 million.
Meet the Mormons entering at 11 with $2.9 million.

7th October 2014

There was little doubt over what would be the top film this weekend at the UK box office, and with ease the David Fincher directed Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck debuts at the top.

It's weekend take of £4.1 million Gone Girl makes a very impressive October debut. It has a long way to go for it to be Ben Affleck's top grossing film which is currently Shakespeare in Love from 1999.

Director David Fincher also has an impressive box office record, his best film to date being 1995's Seven, his second film, and considered a classic.

Coming in quite respectably in second is Dracula Untold which debuts at number 2 with £1.7 million.

Falling a single place to number 3 this week is The Equalizer which add's £1.2 million to make a 10 day total of £4.3.

Last weeks top film was an event movie for one day only, which actually had some “encore” screenings which means it hans on and makes £114,000 this week but, as expected, tumbles down the chart this week.

Historical charts

1 year ago
Prisoners stayed at the top of the box office for a second week while the top new film was Filth at two.

5 years ago
The Fame remake stayed at the top for a second week leaving the highest new film to enter at two, The Invention of Lying.

10 years ago
Tennis film Wimbledon kept hold of the top spot leaving Layer Cake to debut in the runner up spot.

15 years ago
Adam Sandler starred in the highest new film of the week, debuting at one with Big Daddy, The Haunting fell to number two after a week at the top.

20 years ago
October 1994 saw the dominance of The Lion King keep it at the top film of the month while Pulp Fiction and Frankenstein debuted strong in the top 5.

25 years ago
The big film of October 1989 was Back to the Future Part II which was the top grossing movie, Septembers top film Shirley Valentine was still doing well.