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Directed by
Michael Keaton
Danny DeVito
Alan Arkin
Nico Parker
Finley Hobbins
Roshan Seth
Lars Eidinger
Deobia Oparei
Joseph Gatt
Miguel Muoz Segura
Zenaida Alcalde
Douglas Reith
Phil Zimmerman
Sharon Rooney
Frank Bourke
Ragevan Vasan
Michael Buffer
Sandy Martin
Tom Seekings
Heather Rome
Scott Haney
Erick Hayden
Greg Canestrari
Chris Rogers
Max Gill
Peter Brookes
Simon Connolly
Nick Bartlett
Harry Taylor
Vincent Andriano
Liam Bewley
Ben Crowe
Josef Davies
Clive Brunt
Richard Leeming
Angela Ashton
Alice Bonifacio
Philip Rosch
Joseph Macnab
Rob Heanley
Amerjit Deu
Lucy DeVito
Richard James-Clarke
Matthew Castle
Bret Jones
Zee Asha
Carol Been
Jessica Barker-Wren
Arabella Neale
Rosie Akerman
Tim Southgate
Zelda Rosset Colon
Anatoli Akerman
Richard Garaghty
Daniel Gonalves
Marjo Nantel
Paddy Waters
Sergii Shadrin
Nataliia Shadrina
Tom Gaskin
Mehari Bibi Tesfamarian
Binyam Bichu Tesfamarian
Zolzaya Batmunkh
Otgonchimeg Chuluunzorig
Ariunchimeg Enkhsaikhan
Oldokh Ganbold
Benjamin Bendini French
Chirame Shapra
Iran Singh
Jana Posna
Jo Osmond
Jewels Good
Edd Osmond
Will Rowlands
Henrihs Ahmadejevs
Alfie Allen
Kim Allen
Michael Barron
Sarah Bennani
Andres Austin Bennett
Trevor Bennett
Ken Byrd
Jonathan Clifford
Victoria Coburn
Bern Collao
Virginia Coronado
David Thomas Coulter
Matthew Cox
Tom Dab
Stuart Daly
Nigel Eaton
Chris Ecob
Jorge Espadas
Marc Esse
Ndongo Faye
Callum Forman
George Gjiggy Francis
Linda Gray
Eleanor Ham
Ryan Hannaford
Steve Healey
Zak Holland
Tim Ingall
Zander James
Jackson Kai
Julian Kershaw
Craig Thomas Lambert
Kamil Lemieszewski
Mickey Lewis
Keith Lomas
Nigel Lowe
Anthony Lowery
Matthew David McCarthy
Rita McDonald Damper
Philips Nortey
Hugh O'Brien
Leandro Omuri
Suan-Li Ong
Ian Porter
Leah R. Powell
Richard Price
Mark Reader
Paul Riddell
Stephen Samson
Bernardo Santos
Ben Matthew Saunders
Byron Schepen
James Thomas Scott
Zo Scott
Jason Shillingford
Joakim Skarli
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Stuart Whelan
Arthur Wilde
Beth Willetts
Christian Wolf-LaMoy
Samuel Woodhams
Charlotte Worwood
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Fri, 29th March 2019

Film Review: Dumbo  LeftLion

Director: Tim Burton. Starring: Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton. Running time: 112 mins. It sounds an interesting premise. Tim Burton takes Disney's ...

Sun, 14th April 2019

Why ‘Dumbo’ Didn’t Soar at the Box Office  Variety

“Dumbo” nabbed the top spot at the domestic box office last weekend, but Disney's latest re-imagining didn't fly as high as expected. Despite the cast of Colin ...

Mon, 1st April 2019

Dumbo: cast, release date and trailer for Disney’s live-action remake  iNews

Dumbo hits cinemas soon, so here's everything you need to know about Disney's latest live-action remake.

Mon, 25th March 2019

Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ isn’t your grandfather’s Disney classic  Los Angeles Times

Tim Burton reunites with "Batman Returns" stars Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, plus Colin Farrell and Eva Green, to bring Disney's beloved animated flying ...

Fri, 22nd March 2019

9th April 2019

Two major new releases made their debuts on the UK box office this weekend as Shazam! from the Warner Bros. DC Universe stable did good business and horror film Pet Sematary did OK!

Pet Samatary


Making its debut at the top of the Uk box office Shazam! makes a good £4 million debut, lower than other super hero movies but for a little known character not bad.

In comparison it is lower than recent origin films Wonder Woman , Aquaman and Captain Marvel but about the same as Marvels Ant-Man who was similarly fairly unknown.


Dumbo falls into second place on its second weekend of release with the Tim Burton movie taking £3.5 million over the weekend pushing its total UK gross to £12 million.

Pet Sematary

A new adaptation of Stephen Kings horror novel enters the box office at number 3 this week with £1.5 million, perhaps a little lower than expected considering the hype.

The original adaptation took half a million pound on its debut in 1989 which adjusted for inflation is about £1.5 million, the same, that film went on to make £1 million (£3 million adjusted) so expect similar from this version.

Captain Marvel

The Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson starring movie takes £1.2 million on its 5th weekend of release pushing its total UK gross to £34.6 million.

With a high turnaround on the charts at the moment the films is not only the highest grossing movie on the UK top 15 but also the longest running film on the charts at 5 weeks.

Peppa Pig: Festival Of Fun

One for the kids at number 5 this week as Peppa Pig returns to the box office for the first time since 2017 where it takes just under a million pound on its debut.

8th April 2019

Warner Bros. delve into their DC Universe characters with a less known character that was the original Captain Marvel, and its childlike humour pleases audiences and takes it to the top on its debut weekend.

Pet Sematary


Making its debut at the top of the US box office with a debut weekend gross of $53.4 million is this origins film from the DC Universe, but not part of Warner Bros. official series of films.

Audience and critics both seem to like the film, similar to how Deadpool took the super hero genre in a different direction, which should put the film on path to a decent final return.

Pet Sematary

The adaptation from Stephen Kings novel enters the US box office at number 2 this week with $25 million, half that of Shazam!

Although getting good word of mouth the film is not getting the same kind of buzz of the authors previous adaptation, It, from 2017.


Falling from the top to number 3 on its second week of release the Tim Burton directed movie takes $18 million this weekend pushing its total US gross to $76.2 million.


Jordan Peele's much praised horror film is starting to fall fast down the box office, it takes $13.8 million on its 3rd weekend of release for a $152 million total.

Captain Marvel

Finally in the top 5 is Marvels official version of the Captain Marvel character, 5 weeks in its takes $12.6 million which pushes its total gross to an incredible $374.1 million, Shazam! will not reach that during its box office run.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Spending a 7th week on the US box office this week is the dragon based animation, the longerst run of the week, the films has now taken $156.6 million.

8th April 2019

The new films from the DC Universe tops the global box office this week with ease as Shazam! knocks Dumbo off the top spot, Pet Sematary and P Storm also enter in the top 5.

Pet Sematary


Entering the global box office at the top on its debut weekend is the original Captain Marvel who is now known as Shazam! and makes its debut with $155.5 million from 80 countries, the highest on the chart this week.

With the Marvel version of Captain America also making its debut just recently its interesting to see this DC, almost forgotten character who was a Captain before Carol Danvers still manages a decent debut.


Tim Burton's live action version of Disney's much loved animation falls to number 2 this week with $57.8 million from 56 countries.

This puts the films total global gross at $213 million after 2 weeks of release.

Pet Sematary

Stephen Kings famous novel gets a second films version and makes its debut at number 3 this week with $42.3 million from 47 countries.

The film has had a lot of hype but average reviews so we could see this sink quite quick and not repeat the success of It from a couple of years back.

P Storm

Making its way into the top 5 after a few weeks of release this Chinese film is released in just 5 countries but manages to gross $27.5 million.

Captain Marvel

Rounding out the top 5 this week is the Marvel version of the Captain Marvel story which takes $26.7 million on its 6th week of release.

This push the film past another milestone as its now past the billion dollar mark with a global gross of $1.04 billion.

2nd April 2019

Disney continue their run of live action movie re-images of classic cartoons with Dumbo which makes its box office debut at the top this weekend.

Captain Marvel


Tim Burton brings his unique style to the live action movie and charms audiences but leaves critics less than thrilled with the re-telling of the classic tale.

The films makes its UK debut with a healthy £6 million debut which makes it already the 16th top grossing film of 2019.

Captain Marvel

Four weeks on and the Marvel super hero movie is at number 2 with a weekend gross of £1.7 million.

This brings the films total Uk gross to £32.5 million and is, for the moment, the top grossing film of 2019.


Jordan Peele's horror film missed out on the top spot last week and falls to 3 this week with £1.7 million pushing its total to £6 million.

Fishermans Friends

The British comedy falls to 4 this week but the film has had a successful run at the box office, this week it takes £629,247.

This takes the films total gross to £4.8 million after 3 weeks and should pass £5 million by next weekend.

What Men Want

Finally in the top 5 is the American comedy which takes £300,641 on its third weekend of release taking its total to £2.5 million.

Green Book

The Oscar winning movie has probably had the best run on the box office post ceremony and this week spends its 9th weekend on the box office with £95,129 and a £9.8 million total.

It should pass £10 million before it finishes its UK box office run.

2nd April 2019

Disney hit the top spot again across the world with dumbo which may have fallen short of expectations but still has a decent global debut

Song Of Youth


Tim Burton once again brings his directorial style to a Disney film has he brings life to the 1941 classic animation in a retelling of the story.

Making its debut at the top the movie takes $116 million from 54 countries.


Jordan Peel's seminal horror films falls from the top inti second place this week with a take of $56.2 million over the weekend from 62 countries.

This brings the films total global gross to $174.5 million after 2 weeks of release.

Captain Marvel

The Marvel super hero movie is at three this week with a weekend gross of $46.9 million from 55 countries.

The Brie Larson starring movie is almost at the magic billion mark and stand at $991 million currently.

Five Feet Apart

The romantic drama is at number 4 this week with $12.4 million from 40 countries, this pushes the films total gross to $50.6 million.

Song Of Youth

This Luan Zhang directed movie is only released in China so far and yet is number 5 this week with $11 million which pushes its total to $32.4 million.

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Dumbo is number 1 on the UK box office this week.

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