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Eddie The Eagle

Eddie The Eagle

Directed by


Tom Costello
Jo Hartley
Keith Allen
Dickon Tolson
Jack Costello
Mark Benton
Tim McInnerny
Edvin Endre
Mads Sjogard Pettersen
Marc Benjamin
Iris Berben
Rune Temte
Carlton Bunce
Joachim Raaf
Sean Jackson
Daniel Ings
Matt Rippy
Graham Fletcher-Cook
Ania Sowinski
Paul Reynolds
Christopher Walken
Aria DeMaris
Felix Everding
Lasco Atkins
Kheira Bey
Matthew Brandon
Austin Burrows
Jennifer Catford
Anthony Chisholm
Tomasz Dabrowski
Cameron Edwards
Karl Farrer
Guna Gultniece
Anastasia Harrold
Sascha Manuel Hodak
Billy Holland
Katie Hudson
Bron James
Christopher Marsh
Martyn Mayger
Caolan McClafferty
Garry Moore
Jassie Mortimer
Brent Phebey
Mac Pietowski
Ruth Shaw
Tony Paul West
Daniel Westwood
Jessica Williams

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4th April 2017

There is still no stopping the live action Beaty and The Beast as it holds off Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in The Shell as the manga adaptation debuts at number 2.

On its third weekend at the top of the UK box office Beauty and The Beast takes £6.7 million, yet again another excellent weekend gross.

This brings the films total gross to a fantastic £51 million over its 3 week UK release and by far makes it the top film of the year.

Making its debut in second place this week is the live action adaptation of the 1996 Manga film Ghost in The Shell.

Taking a relatively good £2.3 million the film has done well, but with the hype and mainly positive reviews we could have been looking at higher.

Maybe the film will be a slow burner and with many teens on Easter holidays this could do well over the coming weeks.

I'm sure its not escaped your attention that the top 2 films this week are live action versions of classic animations.

Also new this week is Smurfs The Lost Village at number 3 with £1.3 million, this film will do well in the next couple of weeks and could challenge Beauty and The Beast for the top spot.

Free Fire is at number 7 and the special cinema event in aid of Comic Relief Peter Kays Car Share A Second Series Celebration lands at number 10, and it was only shown in one cinema chain.

Many long running films are not around anymore hence the longest running film this week is Logan which has been around 5 weeks while Beauty and The Beast is the top grossing movie.

Historical charts

A year ago
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice stays at the top for a second weekend while top new film is Eddie the Eagle at number 2.

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The Hunger Games spent its second weekend at the top while he top new film was Wrath of The Titans at number 2.

Ten years ago
Mr. Beans Holiday made its debut at the top of the UK box office, it knocked 300 down to number 2.

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Guillermo del Toro's franchise film Blade II was new at the top, its knocked Ali G Indahouse down to number 3 after just a week at the top.

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Cape Fear spent its fourth weekend at the top, it kept Freejack from making its debut at number 1, it entered at number 2.

4th April 2016

After a very successful debut a the top of the box office last week Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice makes a dramatic 70% drop this week but retains its position with little competition.

A £4.6 million second weekend was probably bigger than was ever expected but the film after 10 days has grossed £27.8 million, but will likely start its decent next week.

Highest new film of the week is the semi bio-pic Eddie The Eagle which makes its debut at number 2.

The film about the much loved British ski jumping star takes £2.8 million for the weekend, although it did make its debut on Monday night so this is a full weeks takings.

Deadpool is still the highest total grossing film on the box office having now taken £37.6 million.

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Miss Congeniality remained at the top keeping off Save The Last Dance which debuted at number 2.

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Toy Story stayed at the top leaving Oscar winning Dead Man Walking to debut at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
King Ralph made its debut a the top knocking Look Who's Talking Too down to number 2 after a week at the top.

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Eddie The Eagle

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Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 5

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