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Edge Of Tomorrow


Edge Of Tomorrow
Brendan Gleeson
Bill Paxton
Jonas Armstrong
Tony Way
Kick Gurry
Franz Drameh
Dragomir Mrsic
Charlotte Riley
Masayoshi Haneda
Terence Maynard
Noah Taylor
Lara Pulver
Madeleine Mantock
Assly Zandry
Sebastian Blunt
Beth Goddard
Ronan Summers
Aaron Romano
Usman Akram
Bentley Kalu
Mairead McKinley
Andrew Neil
Martin Hyder
Tommy Campbell
John Dutton
Harry Landis
Rachel Handshaw
Martin McDougall
Anna Botting
Jane Hill
Erin Burnett
Dany Cushmaro
David Kaye
Emmanuel Akintunde
Lee Asquith-Coe
André Azevedo
Macee Binns
Chris Cartwright
Elaine Caulfield
Bruce Chong
Bern Collaco
Nick Donald
Gary Douglas
Marco Flammer
Kyla Frye
Nazaire Gbolo
Natasha Goulden
Goldie Green
Philip Harvey
Phoenix James
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Jorge Leon Martinez
Tingyi Liu
Julian London
Stuart Matthews
Serhat Metin
Patrick Moorhouse
Luca Naddeo
Anthony Newman
Johnny Otto
Leandro Palme
Adrian Palmer
Jeremy Piven
Laurent Plancel
Jd Roth-round
Chris St. Omer
Jim Sturgeon
Lamin Tamba
Liquid Thomas
Mikko Vartiainen

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20th October 2014

Despite the still dominant Disney films on the video chart this week, Tom Cruise debutes at the top with his last film Edge of Tomorrow.

Edge of Tomorrow was released at the box office at the end of May this year among a flurry of positive reviews, it entered the chart at number 3.

The film stayed at the box office for 7 weeks making a reasonable £7.7 million at the box office. It also made $364 million across the world and is the 217th highest grossing movie.

Last weeks top film, the evergreen Frozen, falls into second place this week, having now been on the chart for 6 months.

The only other new video film on this weeks chart is The Other Woman at 3, while Tangled re-enters at ten.

17th June 2014

It was a largely static week this week at the Uk box office, no surprise as there was no big new release and the FIFA World Cup started with England's first game on Saturday night.

With all that going on it was a surprise to see 22 Jump Street retain the top spot with a weekend gross of £2.2 million, this brings the films total to £9.8 million after 10 days of release.

Maleficent, X-Men Days of Future Past and Edge of Tomorrow all stayed in their respective places for another week with only Maleficent taking over a million pound from those 3.

Highest new film of the week goes to Oculus which took a less than expected £413 thousand, although there were previews of How to Train Your Dragon 2 which beat it with £519 thousand, this wont count on this chart and go to their debut in a few weeks.

Other new films this week are
Belle at 7
Devils Knot at 10

This time last year Man of Steel too the top spot on it;s debut weekend of release knocking After Earth to the runner up spot.

Five years ago The Hangover surprised all and hot the top spot on it's debut and knocked Terminator Salvation into second place.

Ten years ago Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was still the top film and with a fairly still top 5 Connie and Carla was the top new film at 5.

Fifteen years ago The Matrix was the top new film of the week making it's debut at the top knocking Notting Hill into second place.

9th June 2014

After weeks of big hitting films taking big grosses in the US its a much quieter week this week with The Fault in Our Stars hitting the top spot.

Based on the novel by John Green hit the top with 48.2 million dollars over the weekend, although it does include Thursday night previews.

Last weeks top film, Maleficent falls a single place to number 2 which leaves Tom Cruises new film, Edge of Tomorrow to enter at 3.

30th May 2014

New at your local cinema this week is Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow and Seth McFarlane in A Million Ways Tt Die in the West.

released on Wednesday to give it a bit of a head start Maleficent from Disney has Miss Jolie as the Sleeping Beauty bad witch showing she's not as bad as you think she may have been.

Plenty of hype for this film and it will have a fight with Tom Cruise for the top, we could see a good £6 million opening.

Tom Cruise flexes his sci-fi muscle in Edge of Tomorrow, based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka the plot is a sort of cross between Groundhog day and the video game Halo.

Also starring Emily Blunt both are box office big hitters and this could beat Angelina to the top, but it will be tight and a £6 million or so opening could also be on the cards.

Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth McFarlane brings us his follow up to the hit Ted. A harder sell this time in the guise of A million Ways to Die in the West, a western in the Blazing Saddles stable of slapstick.

McFarlane has a big following so this could get a decent 3 or 4 million pound opening and a top 5 entry definitely and maybe come in right behind the two bigger films of the week.

Other new films out this week are
Heaven is for Real
Venus in Fur.

12th May 2014

25th March 2014

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 7

Chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £7,756,477 and the 747th top grossing film in the UK

Total World gross $369,206,256 and the 281st top grossing film globally