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12th August
Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Directed by

Jos Padilha


Wagner Moura
Irandhir Santos
Andr Ramiro
Milhem Cortaz
Maria Ribeiro
Seu Jorge
Sandro Rocha
Tain Mller
Andr Mattos
Pedro Van-Held
Adriano Garib
Julio Adrio
Emlio Orciollo Neto
Rodrigo Candelot
Charles Fricks
Fabrcio Boliveira
Marcello Gonalves
Pierre Santos
William Vita
Andr Santinho
Guilherme Belm
Ricardo Sodr
Marcelo Cavalcanti
Bruno dElia
Cssio Nascimento
Francisco Salgado
Gabriel Teixeira
Z Mrio Farias
Cadu Fvero
Vtor Fraga
Johayne Hildefonso
Luca Bianchi
Willian J. Shakespeare
Jovem Cerebral
Chico Melo
Deiwis Jamaica
Ricardo Pavo
Juliana Schalch
Rogrio Trindade
Paulo Giardini
Luciano Vidigal
Prazeres Barbosa
Alexandre Ackerman
Kikito Junqueira
Alex Sander
Roney Villela
Alexandre Liuzzi
Rose Abdallah
Marco Tlio Fernandes Filho
Paulo Hamilton
Ronaldo Reis
Rod Carvalho
Mrcio Fonseca
Marcelo Biju
Dudu Nobre
Lucas Laerte
Marcelo Assumpo
Roberta Arantes
Fabola Ribeiro

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12 August 2011
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