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UK release date Released: 4th October 2013  |  BBFC Age Rating:  

Directed by


Eriko Hatsune
Toshiyuki Nishida
Masayoshi Haneda
Kaori Momoi
Colin Moy
Masatoshi Nakamura
Masat Ibu
Isao Natsuyagi
Takatar Kataoka
Aaron Jackson
Nic Sampson
Shhei Hino
Will Wallace
Kelson Henderson
Stephen Papps
Shingo Usami
Takanori Kikuchi
Ingrid Park
Yko Narahashi
Kazuki Hayakawa
Kaito Narita
Michaela Rooney
Hideko Yanagida
Paul Gittins
Stephen Hall
Kengo Hasuo
Kuni Hashimoto
David Aston
Jim McLarty
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi
Daigoro Yamada
Nichita Tanabe
Ryoichiro Yonekura
Koji Mizuki
Nobuko Nakanishi
Kona Kelly
Toru Ishida
Lance Masa
Motoshige Nagai
Wiebe Marinus
Gareth Ruck

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4 October 2013
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Its hard to know where to start! So lets start with the poster, this is excellent and brings to a conclusion a look and feel that has spilled across the 40+ years of Star Wars posters.

It's atmospheric, character filled and once you have seen the film I'm sure you will be able to relive the movie just by looking at the poster, interestingly General Lia is not pictured on the poster although Carrie Fisher is first on the cast list!

Now the trailer - oh my god this is simply brilliant. The nods to the past are clearly in evidence right from the start as we see Rey running through a forrest with a helmet falling at her feet.

We see what looks like a star destroyer and the Death Star being pulled out of a ocean, is Rey doing this? Or is Rey and Kylo Ren doing it?

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The movie is out on December 19th (December 20th in US) so we will have to wait till then to get our final answers.

Disney Held their bi-annual conference for fans last week with plenty of news and info for The House Of Mouse but one of the more anticipated things was new footage from the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Billed as the end of the epic Skywalker saga that stared 42 years ago with Star Wars (A New Hope) the film directed by JJ Abrahams will hopefully wrap up all loose ends and answer all question built up during that time.

The new footage in the 'trailer' was sparse, but along with new footage of all the primary characters that lasted on screen seconds the two money shots were Kylo Ren and Ray having a lightsaber fight, reminiscent of Kenobi and Skywalker at the end of Revenge Of The Sith, and Rey unfolding a duel ended lightsaber while wearing a black robe, reminiscent of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

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