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Enemy At The Gates

Enemy At The Gates
Directed by
Jean-Jacques Annaud
Ed Harris
Joseph Fiennes
Bob Hoskins
Eva Mattes
Gabriel Thomson
Matthias Habich
Sophie Rois
Ivan Shvedoff
Mario Bandi
Hans Martin Stier
Clemens Schick
Mikhail N. Matveev
Alexander Schwan
Lenn Kudrjawizki
Hendrik Arnst
Claudius Freyer
Dietmar Nieder
Bernd Lambrecht
Jim Dowdall
Maxim Kovalevski
Gennadi Vengerov
Dan van Husen
Peter Silbereisen
Markus Majowski
Robert Stadlober
Gotthard Lange
Anna Bttcher
Holger Handtke
Marc Bischoff
Mark Zak
Thomas Petruo
Dmitri Aleksandrov
David Pagel
Galina Dobberstein
Igor Rozinsky
Sergei Tokarev
Tom Wlaschiha
Marischka Schubarth
Natalya Bondar
Dana Cebulla
Pjotr Papierz
Jarek Wozniak
Genia Makarov
Werner Daehn
Birol nel
Grigori Kofmann
Aleksei Nesterov
Vladimir Vilanov
Aleksei Volodin
Gennadi Tselbyansky
Andr Kaminski
Michael Schenk
Jury Cooper
Manfred Witt
Arslan Kodirov
Axel Neumann
Morin Smole
Inna Samain
Keta Burowa
Toby Cockerell
Eddy Joseph
Martin Glyn Murray
Valentin Platareanu

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23rd March 2016

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After 10 days of play the film has a total gross of just over £7 million, the easter holidays are next week so it could hold up well again, although Zootopia will bring major competition.

Highest new film of the week enters at number 2, 10 Clover Field Lane is an odd successor to Cloverfield, but not a sequel.

£1.6 million for the weekend is not a bad entry although opened to £3 million+, this will struggle to meet even that.

Also new this week is: The boy at number 5, High-Rise at number 6 and Kapoor and Sons at number 10.

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Twenty five years ago
The Godfather Part III remained at the top of the box office while Awakenings was the top new film making its debut at number 2.

Movie details
UK total gross
Enemy At The Gates

US total gross
Enemy At The Gates

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: United Kingdom

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 5

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