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Directed by
James Toback
Nastassja Kinski
Rudolf Nureyev
Harvey Keitel
Bibi Andersson
Ron Randell
Pierre Clmenti
Dov Gottesfeld
James Russo
Marion Varella
Murray Moston
Stephanie Farrow
Daisy Carrington
Carl Lee
Mariana Magnasco
Miguel Pinero
Jeff Silverman
Ray Sawhill
Michel Delahaye
Brian Hamill
Tony Sirico
Geoffrey Carey
Dennis McGovern
Patrick Baker
Emil Tchakarov
Madeleine de Blonay
Jacques Prayer
Vincent Lascoumes
Elonore Klarwein
Mostfa Stiti
Djloul Beghoura
David Jalil
Ana Walle
Sylvie George
Maryline Abecassis
Anne Aor
Rosine Young
J.J. Straub
Cara Joy Hamill
Irving Buchman
Anthony Cortino
Marcela Moore
James Toback
John Snyder
Alan Rhodes
Norris Mailer
Janet Janke
Amy Steel
Catherine Piel
Pete Hamill
Janice Dickinson
Nancy Donahue
Hilary English
P.J. Shaffer
Denis Seurat
Michel Ciment
Harry Kasparian
Norbert Cers
Jean Paul Birgoffer
Georges Chalfoun
Jos Torres
Stephen M. Silverman

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4th May 2016

No surprise to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens remain at the top of the video sales chart this week.

Destined to be one of the top selling films of the year, the home video release of the top film ever in the UK is still selling is large quantities.

Highest new film of the week is the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co starring film Sisters.

Sisters was released at the UK box office the same weekend as The Force Awakens, and did quite well considering with an opening weekend of £1.2 million.

The film did only hang around for 4 weeks in total and during that time took a small £2.6 million.

Despite the good reviews the film did do that well, but it was in a time when the world was gripped in Star Wars fever and nothing else really mattered.

Also new this week are 2 other new releases: Joy is new at 3, Exposed is new at number 7, IP Man 3 enters at number 10 and Krampus is new at number 12.

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