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Factory Girl

Factory Girl
Directed by
George Hickenlooper
Jimmy Fallon
Armin Amiri
Tara Summers
Shawn Hatosy
Beth Grant
James Naughton
Edward Herrmann
Illeana Douglas
Don Novello
Grant James
Richard Folmer
Tarajia Morrell
Charles Ferrara
Johnny Whitworth
Brian Bell
Pat Wilson
Michael Stephens
Samantha Maloney
Meredith Ostrom
Jeff Galpin
Robert Lasko
Richard Lasko
Deneen D. Tyler
Renee Vincent
Thomas Faustin
Kevin Lyons
Peggy Walton-Walker
Will Carter
Colleen Camp
Tommy Perna
Alexi Wasser
Marian Faddis
Brandon Olive
Joel Michaely
Trace Cheramie
Tim Soergel
Stephen Michael Cox
Kent Jude Bernard
Jon E. Edwards
Trisha Meaney
Michael Hughes
Madeleine Poirrier
Michael Post
Brendan Faddis
Peter Barnes
Heather Bloom
Morris Bart
Jim Coope
Georgina Chapman
Jonathan Sedgwick
George Plimpton
Gerard Malanga
Nat Finkelstein
Richie Berlin
Hunter Gorman Monroe
George Hickenlooper
Tim Hickey
Ashley Nicole Hudson
Sally Kirkland
Sergio March
Susan Millard
Mary-Kate Olsen
Breon Pugh
Camille Solari
Van White

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Factory Girl

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 11

Weeks on box office: 2

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