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Fantasy Island

UK release date 6th March 2020
Fantasy Island

Directed by

Jeff Wadlow


Maggie Q
Portia Doubleday
Lucy Hale
Michael Rooker

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News from around the web
24th January 2020

The Sonic The hedgehog movie didn't have an easy start with its first trailer, but current tracking is suggesting the film will open to $50 Million in America.

Website Deadline.com is reporting the Paramount is tracking the movie for a far better than expected debut weekend, a massive turnaround as the character of Sonic was largely criticised when the first trailer was released.

Sonic The Hedgehog differences

The films director Jeff Fowler then decided to delay the release from November 2019 to February 2020 to redo the blue hedgehog and give him more of a look that compliments the Sega video game.

This worked, and when the new trailer was released fans were happy and the turnaround for the movie has been fantastic with excitement generating for the film.

Jim Carey stars as Dr. Robotnik, and to be fair his performance was praised right from the start, while Ben Schwartz voices Sonic.

Will this excitement be reflected in the UK? The movie is also set for release on February 14th and with little competition, First Love and the horror remake of TV series Fantasy Island are released the same day, a debut gross of £2.5 - 3 Million could be on the cards.