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Directed by
Maneesh Sharma
Shah Rukh Khan
Joelle Koissi
Mariola Jaworska
Farah Ahmed
Paul Blackwell
Atul Sharma
Lee Nicholas Harris
Halima Nagori
Zachary Coffin
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Puja Panchkoty
Joanne Manchester
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Bharat Mistri
Jack Gover
Noni Harrison
Glenn Webster
Kornelia Horvath
Richard Banks
Sanjana G.sandhu
Manoj Anand
June Smith
Tatiana Zarubova
James Richard Marshall
Laura Bernardeschi
Shriya Pilgaonkar
Miroslav Zaruba
Raj Awasti
Randeep Chana
Deepika Amin
Pete Meads
Alex Jaep
Usman Akram
Mo Idriss
Kishore Bhatt
Vaunisha Kapoor
Celina Nessa
Chris Martin Hill
Ricky Rajpal
Fayaz Nathalia
Connor Williams
Amrita Jazzmyn
Robert-Anthony Artlett
Francesco Tribuzio
Shawn Dixon
Anil Sanchania
Nisaro Karim
Helen Banks
Gerald Tomkinson
Mark Ryder
Jai Patel
Ryan Parker
Chandru Bhojwani
Sharif Islam
Sharan Hunjan
Abdul Hakim Joy
Asha Patel
Shivam Modessa
Jason Grangier
Anushka Arora
Simi Rai
Mark Stedman
Taj Gill
Imre Elekes
Vickrem Gill
Walusca De Sousa
Amrita Deb
Sandeep Mohan
Chris Cowlin

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29th January 2019

Not a lot of movement on the UK box office this weekend with the top two film remaining the same as M. Night Shyamalan Glass remains the top film in the country.



Director M. Night Shyamalan's film remains at the top for a second weekend with a 3 day gross of just shy of £2 million.

This boosts the films total gross to £6.8 million and it's currently the directors 6th biggest film of his career.

Mary Queen Of Scots

The historical drama starring Margot Robbie remains in the runner up spot for a second weekend with a gross of £1.5 million, this boosts its total to just under £5 million after 2 weeks of release.


Highest new film of the week comes in at number 3, Christian Bale stars in the political drama which takes £1.3 million on its debut.

The film is picking up recognition during the awards season with Bale taking some acting gongs, this could see the film hang around for a while on the box office.

Stan And Ollie

The bio-pic movie has been on the chart for 3 weeks now and takes £1.06 million this weekend, this elevates its total UK gross to £8.2 million making it the third top film of the year.

Mary Poppins returns

Disneys sequel rounds out the top 5 this week with a weekend gross of a shade under a million pound which boosts its total to £42.1 million, it is still the top grossing film of 2019 so far although it was released at the end of 2018.

The Favourite

The awards darling is at 6 this week and with a total gross of £13 million, it is the top grossing film released in 2019 so far.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The fan favourite Japanese animation makes its debut on the UK box office this week with a gross of £851,508, it has a global gross of $100 million after a successful release in China.

16th January 2019

Despite the positive reaction to the 2016 Ghostbustes reboot the film did not do well at the box office and the studio lost faith in the series, but director Jason Reitman has just been confirmed to write and direct a new film in the franhise.

The director, son of Ivan who directed the originals, has a number of acclaimed films under his belt and has been a fan for as long as their have been Ghostbuster.

The film will be a direct sequel to 1989's Ghostbusters II and will have no connection to the 2016 female led movie by director Paul Feig.

We hope the reboot does get a sequel at some point as that was a good film despite he reviews and box office receipts, but a Ghostbusters movie in any form is a good thing and we look forward to this.

Summer of 2020 is the expected release date so not long to wait.

25th September 2018

Calling it the Harry Potter world is old hat now, the Wizarding World as its known is now growing beyond the boy wizard and we have a new series of films.

The Fantastic Beasts series reaches its second film this November and today Warner Bros. release the final trailer.

Were not a big fan of the Harry Potter series but we loved Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and judging from this trailer the mystery and wonder as well as the sheer epic spectacle are all in place.

I cant help thinking that after a great first movie in the series this film is just going to fall to type and be a good guy versus bad guy like Harry Potter.

Decide for yourself and and check out the trailer below.

17th September 2018

At the US box office this weekend The Predator made a return to the box office in a reboot movie and despite bad reviews took the top spot.

A SImple Favour

Taking a weekend gross of $24 million the sixth movie to feature the famed hunter took over at the box office with ease, although it took less on its debut than the 2010 movie Predators which took $24.8 million.

Falling into the runner up spot this week is THe Nun which takes $18.2 million on its second weekend of release.

THis brings the films total US gross to $85 million after 10 days of release, this film took a massive tumble in its second weekend but will still be a top entry in the Conjuring series of films.

New at number 3 is A Simple Favour directed by Paul Feig in his first film since the miss he had with Ghostbuster.

The film which stars fan favourite Anna Kendrick takes a reasonable $16 million on its debut weekend on the US box office.

Also new this week is White Boy Rick which stars Matthew McConaughey, the film takes $8.8 million on its debut.

Falling to number 5 this week is Crazy Rich Asians with $8.7 million, the film has done incredibly well and has a US debut of $149.5 million to date.

27th September 2017

This week the Michael Vaughn directed Kingsman The Golden Circle takes over the top of the UK chart with ease, IT makes a respectable fall to number 2.

Following on from the 2015 film Kingsman The Golden Circle this week makes its debut at number 1 with a weekend gross of £8.5 million.

Kingsman had a debut weekend of just over £4 million do the sequel has double that gross and has already made half of the originals total gross.

With this debut Kingsman 2 should be able to getting in the region of £25 - £30 million quite easily.

After a couple of weeks at the top IT falls to the runner up spot although it still manages a very respectable £2.8 million.

This brings the films total gross to £26.4 million, with plenty of milage left in the film we could be looking at £35 million total gross.

With the new Kingsman movie out this week studios didn't want to put anything of note against it so there are no other new film on the top ten.

Historical charts

A year ago
For a second weekend Bridget Jones's Baby was the top film of the weekend while the top new film of the week was The Magnificent Seven.

Five years ago
ParaNorman kept the the number 1 position for a second weekend while the highest new film was Killing Them Softly at number 2.

Ten years ago
Run Fatboy Run kept hold of number 1 for a third weekend while the top new film was Chuck and Larry at number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Making it 2 weeks on top was Signs while the top new film of the week was Swimfan at number 4.

Twenty years ago
Four weeks on top for The Full Monty while the top new film of the week was My Best Friends Wedding at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
The Unforgiven made its debut at the top of the box office while Lethal Weapon 3 fell down to number 2 after a 5 week reign at the top.

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