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Fast And Furious 6

Fast And Furious 6
Directed by
Luke Evans
Elsa Pataky
Gina Carano
Lee Asquith-Coe
Sung Kang
Tyrese Gibson
Shea Whigham
Joe Taslim
Rita Ora
Rowena Diamond
Kim Kold
Clara Paget
Thure Lindhardt
Stephen Marcus
Alex Martin
David Ajala
Magda Rodriguez
Allistair McNab
Baron Jay
Benjamin Davies
Julian Stone
Paul Blackwell
Mark Badham
Bao Tieu
Lee Craven
Eddie Ruben
Jin Au-Yeung
Denis Khoroshko
Huggy Leaver
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Leon Corbin
Andy Pointon
Lewis James
Lee Bolton
Victor Gardener
Jason Thorpe
Siong Loong Choong
Glen Stanway
James Hare
Jonathan Brooks
Max William Crane
Catherine Delaloye
Amy Forrest
Michael Hagen
Diezel Ramos
Deborah Rosan

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29th May 2014

This week, as expected, there was no stopping the might of X-Men Days of Future Past as they easily made their way to the top of the box office in their debut week of release in the UK.

Days of Future Past is now the 4th, or 2nd, or 8th film in the series depending on which way you look at it, and over the bank holiday weekend took and impressive £9.1 million.

Compared to previous film on their debut weekend, X-Men First Class earned £5.4 on it's debut, 3.7 million below, X-Men The Last Stand earned £7.1 million, 2 million below and just for completion The Wolverine took £4.7 million, nearly 4.3 million below.

Last weeks top film, Godzilla fell to number two this week, the monster film has taken £11.8 million in 10 days of release.

Other new film this week are
Postman Pat The Movie at 4
Blended at 5
Fading Gigolo at 11
Legends of Oz Dorothys Return at 13
Kochadaiiyaan at 14

This time last year The Hangover Part III was riding the top of the box office on it's debut weekend knocking Fast and Furious 6 into the runner up spot.

Five years ago Night at the Museum 2 hit the number one spot also on it's debut and knocked Angels and Demons to number two.

Ten years ago Troy moved up to the top spot after it's debut the previous week knocking Van Helsing into the runner up spot, the highest new film was Bad Education at five.

Fifteen years ago debuting at the top was She's All That knocking Forces of Nature to number 3.

21st May 2014

At the UK box office this week Godzilla stomped on all in its path to become the nation's top film on its debut week of release.

It was a hot weekend in the UK with many annual events happening which more than likely had an effect on the takings of Godzilla, but the monster flick, directed by Britain's own Gareth Edwards still managed a stomping £6.4 million.

If you compare this to the 1998 film of the same name that's £2.3 million higher but taking inflation into account this is almost an identical debut gross, although the 1998 film did open mid July.

Last weeks top film, Bad Neighbours, falls a single place this week to number 2 having grossed £11.3 million over 10 days, although much of this was in preview showings a week before the official release.

One other new film charted this week
The Two Faces of January

This time last year Fast and Furious 6 opened at the top of the box office, keeping The Great Gatsby to open at 2, the previous top film, Star Trek Into Darkness, fell to 3.

Five years ago Angels and Demons made its debut at the top knocking Star Trek into the runner up spot.

Ten years ago Van Helsing held the top for a 3rd week while the top new film was The Football Factory at 4.

Fifteen years ago Forces of Nature climbed to the top knocking I Still Know What You Did Last Summer to the number 2 spot.

Movie details
UK total gross
Fast And Furious 6

Global total gross
Fast And Furious 6

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Popular in: United Kingdom

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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 7

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