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Ferrante Fever


Directed by

Giacomo Durzi


Jonathan Franzen
Ann Goldstein
Roberto Saviano
Elizabeth Strout

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News from around the web
Ferrante Fever review – enticing portrait of a literary sensation  The Guardian

Elizabeth Strout, Jonathan Franzen and others on mysterious author Elena Ferrante's work and persona.

Fri, 17th May 2019

Review: Documentary ‘Ferrante Fever’ is unlikely to satisfy your literary curiosity  Los Angeles Times

Italian filmmaker Giacomo Durzi's documentary “Ferrante Fever” about the mysterious author of the Neapolitan quartet is more fan club than deep dive.

Thu, 28th March 2019

'Ferrante Fever' Review  Hollywood Reporter

Giacomo Durzi's documentary 'Ferrante Fever' examines the literary and popular success of the anonymous Italian novelist who goes by the name Elena ...

Thu, 7th March 2019

‘Ferrante Fever’ Review: A Bland Tribute to the Enigmatic Writer  The New York Times

The film is an anodyne fan flick that casts only furtive glances in the writer Elena Ferrante's direction.

Thu, 7th March 2019

A New Film Charts the Spread of “Ferrante Fever”  Hyperallergic

What accounts for the wild success of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels? In a 70-minute film, literary luminaries from the US and Italy survey the mysterious ...

Wed, 20th March 2019

Ferrante Fever review — sycophantic study of an uninterested novelist  The Times

This literary documentary, a guileless genuflection before Elena Ferrante's quartet of Neapolitan Novels, begins with the tantalising legend, “Elena Ferrante is an ...

Fri, 17th May 2019

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