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Fifty Shades Freed


Fifty Shades Freed
Eric Johnson
Eloise Mumford
Rita Ora
Luke Grimes
Victor Rasuk
Max Martini
Marcia Gay Harden
Bruce Altman
Arielle Kebbel
Callum Keith Rennie
Robinne Lee
Brant Daugherty
Andrew Airlie
Amy Price-Francis
Fay Masterson
Ashleigh LaThrop
Tyler Hoechlin
Kirsten Alter
Hiro Kanagawa
Catherine Lough Haggquist
John Emmet Tracy
Primo Allon
Benita Ha
P. Lynn Johnson
Kwesi Ameyaw
Marci T. House
Dylan Neal
Shiraine Haas
Michelle Harrison
Bill Dow
Jean Corso
Nathan Dellemme
Maximilien Fussen
Paul Duchart
Maxine Miller
Ben Corns
Anita Brown
Lea Kovach
Brendan Penny
Brad Harder
Fraser Aitcheson
Lisa MacFadden
Todd Thomson
Kai Bokenfohr
Gary Hudson
Sachin Sahel
Adil Zaidi
Julie Roblet
Felix Tomas
Allyson Mchardy
Szu-wen Wang
Tefari Thompson
Tiara Sorensen
Sean Glass
D.J. Kiss
Guillaume Campanacci
Jordan Gardiner
Fabien Hagege
Laura Jacobs
Jaclyn Jonet
Devin Koehler
Kyle Stoltz

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12th February 2018

Marking the end of the Fifty Shades series Fifty Shades Freed easily makes its debut at the top of the UK box office with a gross similar to that of Fifty Shades Darker.

Falling to number 2 this week on its 7th weekend of release is The Greatest Showman which has shown incredible staying power.

A weekend gross of nearly £2 million brings the total to just over £26 million.

Dropping to 3 this week is Pixar's Coco which has shown good staying power but not like other Pixar films, a £1.2 million weekend brings the total to £11.6 million after 4 weeks.

Despite not being a number one hit for Aardman Early Man has stayed in the top 5 consistently and this week brings in another £1.1 million to bring its total to over £5 million.

Finishing off the top 5 is Darkest Hour which has a total UK gross of £20.6 million.

Worth noting this week is The Greatest Showman takes over from Darkest Hour as the top film of 2018 to date.

12th February 2018

Its the 'climax' to the Fifty Shades series and judging from the critical response Fifty Shades Freed is 1 film too many.

Coming in with a weekend gross of $38 million it is by far the lowest grossing debut for a film in the series, a series which has corroded far faster than many other.

Expect the film to sink quite quick down the box office after this debut and potentially to be on home video by early summer.

Coming in at number 2 is the 'live action' version of Beatrix Potters classic tale of Peter Rabbit which makes its debut with $25 million openeing gross.

Another new entry makes its debut at number 3 in the shape of the Clint Eastwood directed The 15:17 To Paris which grosses $12.6 million.

Holders fill in the last 2 spots on the US box office in the shape of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and The Greatest Showman.

31st January 2018

Not long now before the threequel Fifty Shades Freed is released which will conclude the Fifty Shades series.

Unsurprising the BBFC have given the film an 18 certificate for Strong Sex.

Valentines day, or there about, is all we have to wait for now, then it will all be over!

11th September 2017

What was once the hot property that we could not wait for is now the 'do we care' as the Fifty Shades trilogy hits the third and final film.

In preparation for its release next February the first trailer and poster gets a showing, check them out below.

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Total UK gross £6,132,414 and the 957th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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