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For The Boys

Directed by
Mark Rydell
Bette Midler
James Caan
George Segal
Patrick O'Neal
Christopher Rydell
Arye Gross
Norman Fell
Rosemary Murphy
Bud Yorkin
Dori Brenner
Jack Sheldon
Karen Martin
Shannon Wilcox
Michael Greene
Melissa Manchester
Steven Kampmann
Richard Portnow
Pattie Darcy
Beau Dremann
Jameson Rodgers
Gary Gershaw
Jim Raposa
Patrick White
Christopher Kaufman
James Patrick
Christopher Wilkinson
Andrew Bilgore
Brandon Call
Hayley Carr
Kimberly Ann Evans
Kelly Noonan
John OLeary
Stewart J. Zully
Deborah Stern
Heidi Sorenson
Bruce Gray
Richardson Morse
Matthew Faison
Carey Eidel
Richard Hochberg
Andy Milder
Thom Adcox-Hernandez
Andrew Lauer
Billy Bob Thornton
John Doolittle
Sal Landi
John Ruskin
Marc Poppel
Gabriel Bologna
Tamaki Kawakubo
Mark Roberts
Robert Clotworthy
Tony Pierce
Xander Berkeley
Maia Winters
D. David Morin
Walter C. Miller
David Selburg
Alan Haufrect
Annie Prager
Barry Michlin
Sherlynn Hicks
Maggie Wagner
Leonard Gaines
David Bowe
Morgan Ames
William Marquez
Fred Parnes
Esther Jacobs
Garrison Singer
Connie Chambers
Janice Cronkhite
Kirk Hansen
Melissa Hurley
Lynnmarie Inge
Theresa King
Steven Majewicz
Paula Nichols
Jodi Peterson
Amy Rydell
Susanne Sullivan
Michael Telmont
Paul Michael Thorpe
Kristy Zlock
Lada Boder
Ken Molina
Sheri Norwood
Tita Omeze
Raymond Rodriguez
Rick Gavin Tjia
Natsuo Tomita
Jerald Vincent
Beverly Ward
Kirby Ward
George Atamian
Forest Baker
Michael Boston
Ian Paul Cassidy
Eric Clarke
Andy Dick
Todd Felderstein
Robby George
Arliss Howard
Russ Isles
Lou Lollio
Kris Murphy
Tim Neeley
John Richard Petersen
Peter Riga
Greg Robbins
Brian Rooney
Frank Slaten
John Wareham
Jeffrey Weissman

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9th September 2011

At the UK box office this week the very British The Inbetweeners movie continues is run at the top of the box office chart making it 3 weeks in a row.

Another good weekend for the boys adding £ 3,679,555 to its total gross, the film has done far better than expected to date and now sits with a UK gross at £34,992,321 making it the 3rd highest grossing film of the year in the UK.

In the rest of the chart, Rise of the Planet of the apes reverses it's decline of the chart and pops back to number 2 with £ 1,083,091.

Last week's highest entry slips just one place this week, One Day falls to 3 with a total weekend take of £ 1,048,343.

The Little blue men of The Smurfs continue their successful run staying at 4 with a take of £ 1,043,353.

Finally in the top five is the highest new film of the week, an Indian action film Bodyguard which takes just under the million mark at £ 839,695.

This week's top 15 is running higher than last year's where The Last Exorcism was a new entry at the top of the tree, and the only film to take over a million, and Avatar was still proving a popular hit 9 months after release.

23rd August 2011

The UK weekend box office had a small surprise this last weekend, a home grown TV phenomenon has tuned into a genuine box office hit. The Inbetweeners Movie, a tale of 4 obnoxious school kids of their first "lads" holiday together has become grabbed the crown as the highest grossing debut comedy, beating this years The Hangover Part 2.

The Inbetweeners Movie took just over £13 million from it's debit weekend (including Wednesday and Thursday previews) beating the likes of Bridget Jones and Wallace and Gromit and American blockbusters like Sex and the City. Very good for a little comedy from Channel 4.

Time will tell if the momentum will continue during its run at the box office and it still needs to go world wide, the US audience may not get the very British humour and crudeness of the central characters.

A great first weekend for the boys and beating James Bond and Indiana Jones in a movie together will be something to tell the grandchildren about.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £576,214 and is the 3611st top grossing film in the UK

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 7

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