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Directed by

Burt Reynolds


Burt Reynolds
Jack Weston
Lauren Hutton
Jerry Reed
Alice Ghostley
Dub Taylor
Mike Douglas
Burton Gilliam
William Engesser
John Steadman
Lori Futch
Stephanie Burchfield
Dudley Remus
Alex Hawkins
J. Don Ferguson
John P. Rousakis
Patrick Moody
John Nicholson
Tommy Anderson
Georgetta Blair
Rick Allen
Cornelia Lawsen
George A. Jones
Stephen J.J. Wilder
Gwen Ferguson
Mary Sharpe
Jim Burk
Dick Ziker
Bud Miller
J.B. Pappas
Jim Rainwater
John B. Lastinger
Robert Urquhart
Sonny Shroyer
Watson B. Duncan III
Albert Weis Jr.
Albert W. Garmany III
Bob Yeager
Paul Hansen
William J. Booten Sr.
Robert Smith
Kim Trawick
Charles A. Tamburro
Norman Evans
Gus Carlucci
Dan Everett
James Best

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: United States

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