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117 minutes (1 hours 57 minutes)
10th October
Gemini Man

Directed by

Ang Lee


Henry Brogan / Junior
Danny Zakarweski
Clay Verris
Douglas Hodge
Jack Willis
Theodora Miranne
Benedict Wong
Ralph Brown
Del Patterson
Linda Emond
Janet Lassiter
David Shae
Bicycle Messenger
Ilona McCrea
Andrea Sooch
Tim Connolly
Ilia Volok
Yuri Kovacs
E.J. Bonilla
Fernanda Dorogi
Young Mother
Bjorn Freiberg
Training Officer
Saskia Slaaf
Flemish Train Announcer
Shiquita James
Alexandra Szucs
Kenny Sheard
Scuba Killer #1
Tony Scott
Principal Brown
Jordan Sherley
High School Girl
Chris Goad
DIA Agent
Christopher T. Elliott
Zach Mellado
College Kid
Pryce Les
College Student
Daniel Salyers
Patterson's Son
Justin James Boykin
Hannah Pniewski
Barista #1
Ferenc Ivan Szabo
Training officer
Karis Wymbs
School Kid
Jeff J.J. Authors
Felix the Boat Owner
Daniel Annone
Barista #2
Badonics Titusz
Adrian Valle Torres
Junior's Friend
Dillon John Swanson
College Student
Ashton Tatum
Jenson Bland
High School Student
Frankie Justin
College Student
Carl Salonen
Budapest Bathhouse Patron
William Caraballo
College student
Brianna Robinson
College Student
Jeremy Ambrosino
College Student
Lilla Banak
Henry's Mom
Thanh-Huy Phan
Samantha Goldman
College Student
Diego Adonye
Henry's Dad
Olivia Bailey
Coffee House Hipster
Marc Demeter
Agent Demeter
Dawit Gulilat
Samantha Kudler
College Student
Balazs Veres
Hungarian Student

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Movie details

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Popular in: Norway and United Kingdom

News from around the web
15th October 2019

The Joker keeps its lead on the US box office this week with smaller than expected drop over last weekend while animated movie The Addams Family and Will Smith in Gemini Man are the highest new films.


Todd Phillips much praised movie stays at the top of the US box office for a second weekend with a gross of $55 Million.

This pushes the movies total gross to a very respectable $192.7 Million after 2 weeks of release.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Highest new film of the weekend is the new take on the ever popular 60's television series that also had a couple of live action movies in the early 90's.

The spooky, kookie family landed at number 2 with a weekend take of $30.2 Million on its debit.

Gemini Man

Directed by Ang Lee this new action films stars Will Smith in a dual role as an older and younger self, the film didn't sit well with critics which could be why it lands at 3 this week with $20.5 Million.


The animated tale from Dreamworks falls to 4 this week with $6.1 Million for a $47.9 Million after 3 weeks of release.

Downton Abbey

The British movie about a big house falls to 5 this week with $4.9 Million which takes its total gross to $82.6 Million after 4 weeks.

The $100 Million American milestone might be a bit out of reach for the film now.

The Lion King

Disneys animated remake remains on the box office for another week, the film is now 13 weeks in and has taken $542.2 Million.

14th October 2019

The Todd Philips directe movie Joker continues its run at the top film across the world as it expands to more countries while the top 5 is relatively unchanged with the new animated movie The Addams Family coming in at number 4 as the highest new film.


Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the psychotic title character the controversial film has done far better than expected and this week expands its country count to 80 and takes $178.7 Million.

The film did incredibly well with ticket sales over the week and its total gross is now at $543.9 Million after 2 weeks of release and a $1 Billion total does not seem unlikely now.

Gemini Man

The Ang Lee directed movie expands its country count this week to 54 but can't beat Joker on the box office as it take $51 Million over the weekend from 54 territories.

This takes the film total global gross to $59.5 Million after 2 weeks of release.

The Captain

The Chinese language film falls to number 3 this week with a weekend gross of $33.4 Million from just 6 countries.

The film has taken an incredible $340.9 Million after 2 weeks of release.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family

MGM bring us a new take on the 1960's TV show this week which enters the box office at number 4 with $30.2 Million, but this is from a single country of release.

The film goes wide over the coming weeks across the rest of the globe where we should see the film climb the box office.

My People, My Country

The series of short stories brought together to create one movie falls to number 5 this week with $23 Million from 10 countries, the film has an incredible total gross now of $357.4 Million after just 2 weeks.

25th September 2019

Directed by Ang Lee the action movie Gemini Man has been given a 12A age rating by the BBFC in the UK.

12A Certificate

Starring Will Smith the film is being hailed for its use of special effects to de-age Smith as he fights against a clone of himself.

From the trailer this looks interesting and having Smith play an over the hill hit man fighting a younger version of himself looks good, although it does look like The Fresh Prince has gone bad!.

The film has been given its 12A rating by the BBFC for moderate violence, infrequent strong language and it has a run time of 117 minutes (1 hours 57 minutes) and the film was passed uncut.

The film is released in the UK on October 11th 2019.

BBFC film link