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Goltzius And The Pelican Company

Directed by
Peter Greenaway
F. Murray Abraham
Giulio Berruti
Halina Reijn
Vincent Riotta
Lars Eidinger
Flavio Parenti
Anne Louise Hassing
Truus de Boer
Francesco De Vito
Kate Moran
Pippo Delbono
Maaike Neuville
Vedran Zivolic
Ramsey Nasr
Lisette Malidor
Boris Bakal
Hendrik Aerts
Stefano Scherini

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Thu, 10th July 2014

Goltzius and the Pelican Company: Rome Review  Hollywood Reporter

A lusty and lively neo-Baroque creation that will arouse Greenaway fans but probably baffle general audiences. TWITTER ...

Tue, 13th November 2012

Goltzius and the Pelican Company  Radio Times

This second film of Peter Greenaway's planned "Dutch Masters trilogy" - the first was 2007's Rembrandt-themed Nightwatching, the third will commemorate the ...

Fri, 8th June 2018

CIFF 2013: Goltzius and the Pelican Company  CBC.ca

If you've never had the pleasure, you simply must experience the arresting visual style of a Peter Greenaway film at some point in your life. If a Renaissance ...

Mon, 23rd September 2013

Year of the art movie: director Peter Greenaway discusses his new film Goltzius and the Pelican Company  Evening Standard

Peter Greenaway's new film, Goltzius and the Pelican Company, is about art, religion, sex and death. It is about the titular 16th-century painter and engraver's ...

Thu, 10th July 2014

Rome Interview: Peter Greenaway On ‘Goltzius And The Pelican Company,’ Sergei Eisenstein, 3D & The Future Of Cinema  Indie Wire

British polyglot Peter Greenaway (filmmaker, painter, video artist etc) has never easily fit into any mold. The unique talent behind, among many others, “The ...

Mon, 19th November 2012

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