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Green Book

Green Book
Directed by
Mahershala Ali
Sebastian Maniscalco
Dimiter D. Marinov
Mike Hatton
P.J. Byrne
Joe Cortese
Maggie Nixon
Von Lewis
Jon Sortland
Don Stark
Anthony Mangano
Paul Sloan
Quinn Duffy
Seth Hurwitz
Hudson Galloway
Gavin Lyle Foley
Rodolfo Vallelonga
Louis Venere
Frank Vallelonga
Don DiPetta
Jenna Laurenzo
Suehyla El-Attar
Kenneth Israel
Derrick Spears
Johnny Williams
Randal Gonzalez
Iqbal Theba
Sharon Landry
Nick Vallelonga
David An
Mike Cerrone
Peter Gabb
Gertrud Sigle
Geraldine Singer
Ron Flagge
Martin Bats Bradford
Ted Huckabee
Gralen Bryant Banks
Sam Malone
Floyd Miles
David Kallaway
James Evermore
Harrison Stone
Ricky Muse
Tom Virtue
Christina Simpkins
Kermit Burns III
Lindsay Brice
Shane Partlow
Daniel Greene
Brian Distance
Craig DiFrancia
Dennis W. Hall
Leslie Castay
David Simpson
Jim Klock
Billy Breed
Dane Rhodes
Brian Stepanek
Jon Michael Davis
Montrel Miller
Ninja N. Devoe
Brian Hayes Currie
Ethan Airhart
Lexi Elizabeth Audler
Lindsay Small Barrios
Brett Beoubay
Rusty Bourg
Tracy Brotherton
Rebecca Chulew
Jay Conlin
John Currie
Karen Dalferes
Douglas DeLisle
Jared Drennan
John Frederick
William E. Harris
Jessica Underwood James
Andreanna L Jenson
Karn Kalra
Steve Kish
Jeffrey Klemmer
Ken Knight
Kate Kuen
Emily LaGroue
Cynthia LeBlanc
Elton LeBlanc
Tonya Maldonado
Phil Meyer
Lauretta Morrison
Shane Pagano
Ron M Patterson
Michael Raymond III
Jeffrey Riseden
Toney Chapman Steele
Shane Waldron
Shane David Waldron
Mike Young

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12th February 2019

The follow up to 2014's hit film The Lego Movie makes its debut on the UK box offie this weekend although the 5 year gap has not been kind to the little brick movie.

Alita: Battle Angel

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Movie

Opening to a £4 million debut weekend the second lego movie has taken half that of the opening weekend of the first movie in the series.

It been 5 years since that movie caused a storm and despite the humour being very similar and the film generally getting good reviews The Batman Lego Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie were not well received and may have damaged the brands reputation.

Alita: Battle Angel

Heavily hyped as 'from producer James Cameron' and 'directed by Robert Rodriguez' this live action Japanese cyberpunk manga hits the UK box office at number 2.

Taking £3.1 million on its debut its in the same ball park but a little below Ghost In The Shell from 2017 which had bigger star appeal but reviews weren't as good.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

A single week at the top for the threequel dragon movie as it falls to number 3 this week with £2.7 million and a £9 million total after 10 days of release.

Green Book

Falling to number 4 on its second week of release the drama starring Viggo Mortensen takes just over a million to boost its 10 day total to £3.6 million.


Loosing steam fast now is the James McAvoy starring film which falls to 5 this week with £560,579 push its total just £9.6 million, it will go over the £10 million mark by next weekend.

Mary Poppins Returns

The disney film continues to be the top film so far of 2019 with a gross of £20 million although its total gross is £43 million.

The Favourite

The big BAFTA winning film is still the top film of the year for films released in 2019 with a £14.6 million total gross and is this week at number 13.

5th February 2019

Its been a quiet start to the year so far with nothing setting the box office alight and although this week is no different we do have 3 new releases in the top 5 headed by How To Train Your Dragon 3 at the top.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>Green Book</i></span>

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The third film in the How To Train Your Dragon series takes over at the top of the UK box office with a £5.3 million opening weekend.

Compared to the previous 2 film this is on par with the first part but below the second part which opened to £7 million plus.

Green Book

The Oscar nominated film starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali makes its debut at number 2 this week with a £1.6 million opening.


The James McAvoy and Bruce Willis starring film falls from the top spot this week to number 3 where is grosses just shy of a million pound on its 3rd weekend.

The film has now taken £8.6 million in the UK but at the moment looks unlikely to beat either the other 2 film in the series, Split and Unbreakable, in UK grosses.

Escape Room

Entering the chart at number 4 this week is this run of the mill horror film which directed by Adam Robitel which takes £820,000 on its debut.

Mary Queen Of Scots

After a couple of weeks at number 2 the historical drama falls to number 5 this week with £782,000 which boosts its UK total gross to £6.6 million.

4th February 2019

It was a slow weekend at cinemas this week but with How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World expanding into more countries the film tops the chart, French film Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu? is the top new film.

Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The threequel expands into 42 countries this week and tops the global box office in the process taking $40.2 million over the weekend.

This pushes the films total global gross to $84.4 million.


The former number 1 film falls to number 2 this week after 2 weeks at the top with a weekend gross of $21.7 million from 55 countries.

This pushes the film total gross to $198.9 million after 3 weeks of release.

Extreme Job

The Chinese film is still only released in 1 country and this week moves to number 3 with a weekend gross of $20.8 million.

The film now has a global gross of $45.2 million.

Green Book

The Oscar nominated film expands to 45 countries this weekend and takes $16.2 million which boosts its total global gross to $81.3 million.

Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?

Highest new entry of the week is at number 5 in the shape of the French sequel which is released in 3 countries and makes its debut with $12.8 million.


The DC comics adaptation is at 8 this week and while still released in an incredible 78 countries it passes another milestone as its total gross sits at $1.1 Billion.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Queen bio-pic directed by Bryan Singer is at number 10 this week and is still going strong as its total gross hits $832 million.

Movie details

Green Book is number 4 on the UK box office this week.

US total gross
Green Book

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Popular in: United States and Canada

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 2

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