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Directed by
Joe Dante
Zach Galligan
Phoebe Cates
Hoyt Axton
Polly Holliday
Frances Lee McCain
John Louie
Keye Luke
Don Steele
Susan Burgess
Scott Brady
Arnie Moore
Corey Feldman
Harry Carey Jr.
Dick Miller
Donald Elson
Belinda Balaski
Danny Llewelyn
Edward Andrews
Judge Reinhold
Lois Foraker
Chuck Jones
Kenny Davis
Glynn Turman
Nicky Katt
Tracy Wells
John C. Becher
Gwen Willson
Jackie Joseph
Jonathan Banks
Joe Brooks
James MacKrell
Frank Welker
Howie Mandel
Fred Newman
Mark Dodson
Michael Winslow
Peter Cullen
Bob Bergen
Michael Sheehan
Bob Holt
Edward Arnold
Frank Baxter
Adam Bean
Karen Bean
Tom Bergeron
Richard Carlson
Jerry Goldsmith
Marvin Miller
Dean Rader-Duval
Robby the Robot
William Schallert
Steven Spielberg
Kenneth Tobey
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Mon, 25th February 2019

‘Gremlins’ is reportedly returning as a cartoon TV series  NME Live

Gremlins is set to return to screens as an animated TV series, it has been reported. The surreal tale of Gizmo and his mischievous mogwai mates was released ...

Tue, 26th February 2019

What the cast of Gremlins looks like today  Looper

Gremlins, Joe Dante's holiday horror comedy about a swarm of strange creatures and what happens when you don't obey their care instructions, is celebrating ...

Thu, 21st February 2019

'Gremlins' Animated Series Is Officially On The Way  ScreenGeek

It looks like 'Gremlins' fans have some good news - as a new animated series is on the way for the WarnerMedia streaming *service*.

Tue, 26th February 2019

The Story of Hands Across America, the Failed Fundraiser Featured in Jordan Peele’s Us  Vulture

In Jordan Peele's horror film “Us,” Hands Across America morphs from a sweaty attempt at '80s activism into a truly terrifying component of his “Get Out” ...

Thu, 21st March 2019

Downer's Almost Midnight series adds "Alien," that crazy Nic Cage biker demon movie and more  OnMilwaukee.com

Spring is finally here, summer is in hot pursuit and the days are getting longer. And for any film fans, they're going to be even longer thanks to the Downer ...

Thu, 21st March 2019

4th August 2015

Now in its 5th variation Mission:Impossible hits the top spot on its debut weekend as the Tom Cruise franchise continues with more explosions than before.

Taking £5.3 million over the weekend Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation continues the run started way back in 1996, every Mission:Impossible film has debuted at the top.

In comparison hasn't done as well as the £8 million plus of the first and fourth film but is on a par with the others all in the £5 million range.

Falling into second place this week is Inside Out after a single week at the top, although it's not bad news for the Pixar film, it took and incredible £9 million is mid week taking and would by far have been the biggest film is it took Monday to Sunday figures into account.

Also new this week is Hot Pursuit, the American hit film limps into the UK box office at number 7.

Highest grossing film on the box office is Jurassic World which is currently at £62.7 million after 8 weeks of release.

Historical charts

A year ago
Guardians of The Galaxy was the new film entering the box office at the top, it knocked Dawn of The Planet of The Apes down to number 2.

Five years ago
Toy Story 3 remained at the top for a second week while the remake of The Karate Kind was the highest new film at number 2.

Ten years ago
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory made its way to the top on its debut weekend of release, Madagascar fell to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
The Perfect Storm was the new film at the top, on its debut weekend Stuart Little fell to number 2.

Twenty years ago
Casper was the new film making its debut at number 1, it knocked Judge Dredd down to number 3.

Twenty Five yeas ago
Gremlins 2 The New Batch made its debut at the top knocking Back to The Future Part III down to number 3.

26th January 2010

I suppose we should have seen it coming, and really it's as no real surprise in the current cinema trend, and box office, that Warner Bros. announce that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I and II) will be in 3D.

2010 really is going to be the year that 3D took hold of the world cinema market with many films being announced as being made in 3D, only yesterday it was Gremlins and there are rumors of Ghostbusters as well.

Who knows this could all work, it's being limited to big Hollywood blockbusters which in their nature are big special effects extravaganza that can maybe lend themselves to 3D market.

Is it a phase or will it all end by the middle of the century, only time will tell, but we could look on this in 10 years are know that those 3D films in your collection are from the 2010 - 2012 period of cinema history, and you can view them on the expensive 3D equipment that you bought. Or maybe not?

25th January 2010

Looks like there are rumblings around, this time from blog site marketsaw, that talks are afoot to produce a sequel to the Gremlins films in 3D.

Now I know that Avatar is set to be the biggest grossing film ever within the next few weeks, and this is something that cant be ignored, and there is certainly an argument that the reason is because it's the best example of 3D yet, but do all new Hollywood blockbusters need to be in 3D?

There has also been the odd rumor here and there of another 80's franchise being resurrected in 3D, that of Ghostbusters, so all the new 're-boots' are going to be in 3D are they, actually all 2011 big Hollywood blockbusters will be I think.

Personally it's nice to have a film in 3D, but the industry is in fear making this the norm, and eventually we'll either expect 3D or just ignore it.

There are plenty of arguments out there for there not to be 3D, is it a gimmick? It certainly doesn't improve the narrative and isn't cinema and film all about telling a story? Avatar works just as well when you see it in 2D.

Of course time will tell, but I sincerely hope 3D is here to stay, but lets limit it's use to films which will benefit from the effect, rather than making the film fit the 3D effect.

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