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Directed by
Neil Jordan
Maika Monroe
Isabelle Huppert
Zawe Ashton
Stephen Rea
Colm Feore
Jane Perry
Parker Sawyers
Angela Thompson
Jeff Hiller
Jessica Preddy
Rosa Escoda
Graeme Thomas King
Hershel Blatt
Romii Reilly
Thaddeus Daniels
Arthur Lee
Navi Dhanoa
Nagisa Morimoto
Tariq Azees
Elisa Berkeley
Darragh O'Connor
Aneta Dina Keder

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Sun, 21st April 2019

Greta review – Isabelle Huppert gives scary crockery-smashing turn  The Guardian

The French actor plays a widow befriended by Chloë Grace Moretz's waitress in Neil Jordan's enjoyably preposterous psychological thriller.

Thu, 18th April 2019

Greta will hold your interest but that's about it  RTE.ie

Director Neil Jordan has a stab at psychodrama in his new film Greta, which is saved - and only just - by the presence of French veteran, Isabelle Huppert.

Wed, 17th April 2019

Film review: Dragged Across Concrete; Greta; Red Joan  The Times

Dragged Across Concrete18, 159 mins This third film by S Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99) is a cop drama with 1970s style and ...

Sun, 21st April 2019

Greta — an implausible thriller starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz  Financial Times

In the first moments of Neil Jordan's ludicrous thriller Greta, a young woman spots an unattended bag — green and ritzy — on the New York subway. She looks ...

Wed, 17th April 2019

“The Crazier They Are, The Harder They Cling” – Greta (Film Review)  VultureHound Magazine

The line between brilliant and bad is very slim when it comes to melodrama. Last year, Paul Feig tiptoed along that line throughout the lurid A Simple Favour, ...

Fri, 12th April 2019

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