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Hairspray General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


20th July

Directed by


Christopher Walken
Amanda Bynes
James Marsden
Brittany Snow
Elijah Kelley
Allison Janney
Taylor Parks
Jayne Eastwood
Paul Dooley
Jerry Stiller
Darren Frost
John Waters
Joe Parro
Nick Loren
Bryan Hindle
Sheldon Smith
Greg Farkas
Bruce McFee
Christian Hagen
John Andersen
Neil Crone
George King
James Kirchner
Brendan Wall
Ted Ludzik
Ron Pardo
Geri Hall
Seth Howard
Ricki Lake
Adam Shankman
Marc Shaiman
Scott Wittman
Anne Fletcher
Joey Pizzi
Zachary Woodlee
Walli Woo
Laura Edwards
Becca Sweitzer
Cassie Silva
Tiffany Engen
Brooke Engen
Sarah Jayne Jensen
Hayley Podschun
Nick Baga
Curtis Holbrook
J.P. Ferreri
Spencer Liff
Phillip Spaeth
Tabitha Lupien
Kelly Fletcher
Jesse Weafer
Corey Gorewicz
Josh Feldman
Everett Smith
Ariel Reid
Whitney Brown
Jason Dolphin
Anthony Carr
Chris Andrew Robinson
Sarah Francis
Starr Domingue
Shawn Byfield
Shane Simpson
Jade Anderson
Rhonda Roberts
Jennifer Abbey
Sherisse Springer
Vanessa Cobham
Eboni Nichols
Holly Hyman
Jamal Sims
Damon Butler
Stephen Boss
Marc Spaulding
Arike Rice
Tanee McCall
Nadine Ellis
Reggie Jackson
Tramaine Montell Ford
Khetanya Henderson
Loriel Hennington
Daniel Dyer
Kristen Munro
Ingrid Gaynor
Stacey Martin
Sal Scozzari
Charles Seminerio
Alison Smyth
Christine Moore
Emily Andrews
Julianne Jackson
Laura Lawson
Melissa Leifer
Janelle Hutchison
Jenny Parsons
Susan Henley
Gerry Mendicino
Nick Settimi
Kyle Golemba
Tiffany Green
Rachael Dolan
Kristina Uranowski
Charlotte Szivak
Deborah Overes
Mary McCandless
Sharron Matthews
Jeffrey James
Carla Guiliani
Chantelle Leonardo
Melissa Williams
Krystal Kiran
Jessica Dawson
Sheri Godfrey
Jessica Keeling
Romina DUgo
Julia Juhas
Cindy Willems
Faye Rauw
Niky Johnson
Shannon Whelan
Diana Coatsworth
Keri Tkacz
Krista Leis
Sammy Rosen
Stephen Findlay
Mike Cota
Dennis Lupien
Serge Kushnier
Austin Di Iulio
Chad McFadden
Ted Banfalvi
Shaun Amyot
Blaine Totten
Glen Kerr
Paul Gordon
Gerard McIsaac
Josh Epstein
Derek Gilroy
A. Frank Ruffo
Darcy Evans
Marc Kimelman
Larry Mannell
Wally Michaels
Matthew Caruso
Lyne Tremblay
Mary Pitt
Janice Luey
John de Klein
Dondraico Johnson
Everjoy Kriekenbeek
Katharine Leonard
David Webster

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