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Directed by
Jae Head
Eddie Marsan
David Mattey
Maetrix Fitten
Hayley Marie Norman

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Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson star as the cops who took down the infamous duo in an odious and dimwitted thriller.

Sun, 10th March 2019

The Highwaymen Review: Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson Set Bloody Record Straight  Den of Geek US

Bonnie and Clyde have never left us. Originally a pair of small time crooks who cut a bloody trail across the American South and Midwest, the duo of young ...

Fri, 15th March 2019

17th July 2013

The heat wave the UK is experiencing largely kept audiences away from cinemas over the weekend and for a week with 2 big releases nothing did that well at the box office.

Monsters University was the champion debuting in the top spot but it's £3.46 million gross is way lower than expected.

Despicable Me 2 drops to second place with £2.22 million and second highest new entry Pacific Rim has come up very close behind with £2.19 million. Inline with my predictions Monsters University debut at the top, although I predicted the highest debut weekend of the year and it fell short by £8 million and Pacific Rim did debut in third.

Last year Ice Ace Continental Drift finally for a national release after a couple of weeks on limited and went back to the top of the box office with £10 million knocking The Amazing Spider-Man from the top after a single week.

Highest new film (of sorts) was Magic Mike at 3.

Five years ago Mamma Mia! stormed the box office on it's debut weekend taking the top spot from Hancock which fell to runner up spot. Mamma Mia would go on to be the highest grossing film in the UK for a short time.

Ten years ago Charlie's Angels Full Throttle was still at the top with Daddy Daycare being the highest new film at 3.

Fifteen years ago Six Days Seven Nights was the top film with Mad City the highest debut at 6.

11th July 2013

Despicable Me 2 easily keeps away all newcomers to stay at the top of the UK box office by a strong margin during it's second week of release.

The animated sequel took close to £4 million pound over the weekend, and despite a drop of £10 million from it's debut it stayed comfortably.

The strongest challenge of the week was from Now You See Me, debuting at 2 with a take of just under £3 million for the 3 day weekend.

According to my prediction Now You See Me did much better than I expected, I predicted a top 5 entry and didn't expect it to debut at number 2

The other new film I predicted last weekend to enter the box office chart was The Internship, which debuted at 3. I expected this to be the big challenge for Despicable Me 2.

This time last year The Amazing Spider-man took the box office by story, the reboot film flew into the top spot with a debut of £11 million and left the rest of the box office dead.

Five years ago Will Smith starred in the superhero movie Hancock and debuted at the top with just under £10 million knocking Prince Caspian from the top.

Ten years ago Charlies Angels: Full Throttle debuted at the top knocking Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty from the top.

Fifteen years ago there was a fairly static box office with Six Days Seven Nights retaining to box office crown.

Twenty years ago Jurassic Park was the big film of the summer and although Arnie was challenging with Last Action Hero it was never a threat to the dinosaur film.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 6

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