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Hansel And Gretel

Hansel And Gretel

Directed by

Pil-Sung Yim


Jeong-myeong Cheon
Sim Eun-kyung
Yeong-Nam Jang
Ji-hee Jin
Kyeong-ik Kim

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What to do this weekend — from English National Opera's Hansel and Gretel to Blithe Spirit in Bath  The Times

OperaHansel and GretelEnglish National Opera has headed into the woods — well, Regent's Park — for an inviting production of Humperdinck's classic.

Fri, 21st June 2019

‘Ma’: Meh  The Ringer

The new Octavia Spencer horror-thriller should have big things to say. Instead, it tediously arrives at a hysterical conclusion, short of breath.

Fri, 31st May 2019

What We Know about the "Gretel and Hansel" Movie So Far  TVOvermind

What we know so far about Gretel and Hansel, yes that was worded correctly, is that according to Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter it will be starring.

Wed, 24th April 2019

Endzeit – Ever After  SF Weekly

Most horror films can be traced back to fairy tales, but few embrace those particular roots like Carolina Hellsgård's lush zombie movie Endzeit – Ever After, and ...

Wed, 26th June 2019

'Gretel and Hansel' Movie Gets 2020 Release Date  Comicbook.com

Gretel and Hansel, Orion Pictures's dark reimagining of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale starring IT breakout Sophia Lillis, will be in theaters on January 31, ...

Wed, 17th April 2019

'It' star cast in 'Hansel and Gretel' horror movie remake  Alternative Press

'It' star, Sophia Lillis will star in the horror remake of Hansel and Gretel. Lillis played Beverly Marsh in the 'It' remake.

Sat, 10th November 2018

6th March 2014

No move at the top of the box office chart this week for The Lego Movie which makes it 3 in a row now for the little plastic bricks.

Keeping a still solid weekend gross of £3.2 million The Lego Movie was able to keep all pretenders to the throne at bay. the total now for Lego is £26.7 million.

Highest new film of the week is the Liam Neeson action film Non-Stop which debuts at 2 with £2.6 million.

A year ago Hansel and Gretel was the highest new film of the week debuting at the top of the chart, knocking Wreck-It Ralph down to the runner up spot.

Five years ago Slumdog Millionaire was still at the top off the back of big Oscar success while highest new film was Unborn at number 3.

Ten years ago Along Came Poly entered the chart at number one moving School of Rock down to number three.

Fifteen years ago A Bugs Life held firm at the top leaving highest new film You've Got Mail to enter at two.

Twenty years ago Schindler's List stayed at the top on the back of it's Oscar glory while Beethoven's 2nd was the highest new film at four.

Finally Twenty-Five years ago Rain Man was doing big business as the top film for March.

13th March 2013

At the UK box office this week Sam Raimi has his latest film turn into a blockbuster for Disney with Oz The Great and Powerful debuting at number 1.

A weekend gross of £3.7 million is enough for Oz to knock last weeks top film, Hansel and Gretel right down to the 6th place, the Witch Hunter film suffering a massive drop in it's second weekend of release.

Oz, a prequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz, had a strong opening but did not manage one of the top opening of all time.

Last year Disney was celebrating with a top spot debut for John Carter, it was no where near as strong as Oz, and terrible reviews killed it quickly, but the opening weekend was just why of £2 million.

Five years ago the Dennis Quaid vehicle Vantage point was the top film, making it's debut there with £1.4 million.

Ten years ago Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes were doing the romantic thing at the top with Maid In Manhattan which took £2.5 million on it's debut.

Fifteen years ago it was still all about Titanic at the top, having made £44.5 million by now with the highest new film Oscar winning Good Will Hunting debuting at 2.

Twenty years ago Dracula was still the top film while Steven Segal was fighting terrorists on a boat in Under Siege.

5th March 2013

It's not Hansel and Gretel as I remember from the fairy tale, but the Witch Hunting duo debut at the top.

Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters knocks Disneys Wreck-It Ralph into the runner up spot on it's debut. Witch Hunters took £1.5 million for the weekend.

This time last year The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was sitting at the top of the UK charts while This Means War was the highest new film at 3.

Five years ago Jason Statham took over at the at the top with the true story film The Bank Job on it's debut week.

Ten years ago The Ring was still at the top with the highest new film at 2 being Jackass The Movie.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was a way into it's record breaking run at the cinema and Spielberg's Amistad was the highest new film at 3.

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