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High School Musical

(2006 )

High School Musical
Lucas Grabeel
Corbin Bleu
Monique Coleman
Bart Johnson
Alyson Reed
Chris Warren Jr.
Olesya Rulin
Ryne Sanborn
Socorro Herrera
Joey Miyashima
Dutch Whitlock
Ryan Templeman
Irene Santiago
Leslie Wing
Joyce Cohen
KayCee Stroh
Brett Yoder
Sarah K. Aezer
Amanda Garrett
Anne Kathryn Parma
Nick Whitaker
Falon Grace
Sami Roe
Melissa Hildebrant
Charles Klapow
Brad Tobler
David Huff
Carlton Bluford
Jared Murillo
Roger Malaga
Todd Michael Schwartzman
Da Jon Lang
Allison Holker
Tina Pituckul
Raquel Goodsell
Britt Stewart
Kelli Baker
Bayli Baker
Jessie Tan
Breanna Phillips
Skyler Holman
Mollee Gray
Michelle Parker
Andrew Winston
Afton Delgrosso
Falisha Fehoko
Thayne Jasperson
Shawn Carter
Eldon Johnson
Josh Murillo
Malinda Money
Sabra Johnson
Matthew Miles Carter
Joe Jurisic
Joshua S. Kirkland
Bryson Kuan
Stephen Rippey
Tisha Vaculin

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7th June 2009

After 2 very successful junior years of its life happily pleasing kids on the small screen the over hyped machine know as High School Musical is this years film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, is graduating to the big screen and getting a theatrical release, and probably bigger budget, before TV or DVD.

Disney probably didn't see this coming (or did they?) when a couple of year ago they decided to basically remake the phenomenally successful Grease for a modern day audience. It's not a direct remake, but between the 3 films there will be the essence of the Grease story in there, hidden but evident.

This isn't a bad thing of course I'm a huge fan of Grease and having an 8 year old daughter who is more than a little bit of a HSM fan I've had the "fortune" of sitting through both movies a number of times, and to be fair they are not that bad, it's good story telling with likeable characters and half decent acting, I'd rather have her watching his than a lot of the other things on telly

The trailer for the 3rd movie has just gone up at disney.co.uk, and it looks like it's more of the same, good or bad? Who knows, but it's safe to say the hype starts here.

7th June 2009

Not sure if sleeper hits exist these days, but if they are then this sure as hell is one, Mamma Mia! is a film adaptation of a stage show and it has becomes the biggest film of the year in the UK.

With a gross of £69,130,014 it out grossed the number 2 film by nearly £20 million. Even more remarkable is that Mamma Mia! has now become the biggest film in the UK, topping Titanic's 10 year reign.

Sliding nicely into the runner up spot for the year is the Bond film Quantum of Solace with a UK gross of £50,405,045. Although a good gross the studio may see this as a little disappointing as the last Bond film, Casino Royale, tool £5 million more.

Third on the list is The Dark Knight with £48,685,166, many thought this might have come out on top, but clearly few realised the power of the chick flick during the year.

All three of the top films of the year are in fact still showing in cinemas across the country, despite 2 of them being available on DVD/Blu-ray already.

The rest of the top films of the year are filled by the like of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull at 4, Sex and the City: The Movie at 5, High School Musical 3 at 7 and Wall-E at 8.

Check out the full list here.

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