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Amber Valletta
Julie Ann Emery
Adam Arkin
Robinne Lee
Nathan Lee Graham
Michael Rapaport
Jeffrey Donovan
Philip Bosco
Kevin Sussman
Navia Nguyen
Matt Malloy
Maria Thayer
Ato Essandoh
Marlyne Barrett
Jack Hartnett
David Wike
Frederick B. Owens
Jenna Stern
Austin Lysy
Adam LeFevre
Joe Lo Truglio
Ptolemy Slocum
Kahan James
Matt Servitto
Amy Hohn
Mimi Weddell
Maulik Pancholy
Caprice Benedetti
Tony Travis
Mercedes Renard
Jose Llana
Niels Koizumi
Chris Santos
Ryan Cross
Tobias Truvillion
Jeffrey Carlson
Henri Binje
Rain Phoenix
Remy K. Selma
Beau Sia
Mika Nishida
Trevor Oswalt
Darrell Foster
Douglas J. Aguirre
Anthony Amodeo
Casper Andreas
Anya Avaeva
Brielle Barbusca
Adam Bertocci
Andre Blair
Aneikit Bonnel
Kimberly Cash
Keith Chambers
Valbona Coba
Dono Cunningham
Thomas Daniel
Vincent De Paul
Michelle Deighton
Cesar Di Parra
Michelle DiBenedetti
Mike Fitzgerald
Munjeet Geyer
Alexandra Gizela
Darryl Reuben Hall
Scott Hatfield
Lou Irizarry
Rick Kain
Tanda Kerín
Arnold Y. Kim
Bill Kotsatos
Fran Kranz
Sulinh Lafontaine
Alexa Lane
Debbie Lang
Christina Lauren
Evan Leone
Joanna Lu
Bobby Lundon
Rebecca Mader
Brewster McCall
Adam Wade McLaughlin
Amy Metroka
Kevin Kean Murphy
John O. Nelson
Maria Nomi
Dwight Allen O'Neal
Nancy Otero
Jennifer Pedersen
Nick Poltoranin
Nicolas Quilter
Dawn Ressy
Trevor Richardson
Amro Salama
Michalina Scorzelli
Ava Lee Scott
Jennifer Scott
Cameron Stevens
Jaclyn Tommer
Tim Tyrrell
Keri Uribe
Olivia Weston
Kyle Willshire
Joe Wissler
Alexander Wraith
Shane Wright
Mike Yedwab
Dianne Zaremba

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8th April 2015

In what became fantastic weekend gross Fast and Furious 7 makes it's debut at the top of the UK box office with ease, although last weeks top film still does decent numbers.

Furious 7 took an excellent £12.7 million over the Easter weekend and in the process not only became the top film in the motoring franchise but is also the 31st highest film debut in the UK.

Having a debut similar to that of a Hunger games film or Inbetweener Movie will see the film gross over £30 million in the UK, and in comparison it's near the debut of Fifty Shades of Grey which has so far made £34 million.

Last weeks top film, Cinderella, takes nearly £3 million for the weekend placing at 2 with it's total UK gross now at just over £10 million.

Also new this week are The Water Diviner at 7 and While We're Young at number 8.

Also making an appearance due to screening by the BFI is the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi classic Blade Runner which has taken £267,452 over the weekend.

Historical Box Office

A year ago
This time last year Rio 2 stormed the box office on it's debut and made number 1 knocking Captain America: The Winter Soldier down to number 2.

Five years ago
It was all change at the top with an all new top 3, highest of which at number 1 was Clash of t he Titans, the previous number 1 Nanny Mcphee and The Big Bang fell to 4.

Ten years ago
Horror sequel The Ring Two took over from Hitch at the top of the box office, which fell to number 3 after 3 weeks on the chart.

Fifteen years ago
Lake Placid was the top new film which entered at the top, it knocked Toy Story 2 down to 3rd place after 7 weeks at the top.

Twenty years ago Dumb and Dumber as the top film of April while twenty five years ago Pretty Woman was the top film of the month.

1st April 2015

At the UK box office this weekend the Kenneth Branagh directed live action version of Cinderella from Disney makes it's debut at the top.

Cinderella took a reasonable £3.8 million over the weekend to see it to number 1, in comparison to last years Maleficent also from Disney based on a much loved animation it half the debut gross.

The film should do well in the next couple of weeks as its the school Easter holidays, but with Home still on release and Spongebob also out there it has competition.

Home falls from the top to number 2 this week in it's second weekend of release, a £2.6 million Monday to Friday sees it's gross now stand at nearly £10 million.

Other new film hitting the box office chart this week are: The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water which lands at 3 but should do well over the Easter break, Get Hard which lands at 4, Seventh Son which has a disappointing debut at 7 and Wild Tales which enters at 9.

Historical Charts

A Year Ago
Captain America: The Winter Soldier enters the box office at the top of the chart knocking The Grand Budapest Hotel down to number 3.

Five years ago
Nanny Mcphee and The Big Bang is the new film taking over from Alice In Wonderland at the top which falls down to number 2.

Ten years Ago
Hitch goes back to the top after surrendering the number 1 spot to Robots for a week, Robots falls to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Another week at the top for Toy Story 2 while the top new film of the week was at number 5 in the shape of Magnolia

26th March 2015

Dreamworks latest animated tale hits the top in the UK this week on it's debut taking in more money than the rest of the top 15 combined.

Grossing a very good £6 million Home become an instant hit and a children's favourite with a likely sequel to come.

Struggling a little and debuting in second place is the sequel Insurgent, full title The Divergent Series Insurgent, with an opening gross of £2.9 million, although hit is ahead of the £1.7 million Divergent took on it's opening.

Falling into 3rd after 3 weeks at the top is The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which has taken £13 million to date.

The gunman is also new this week at 5 and Wild Card is new at 10.

Historical charts

A year ago
The Grand Budapest Hotel was still the top film in the country and with a fairly static top 5 the highest new film was Starred Up at 6.

Five years ago
Alice In Wonderland was still at the top with the top new film coming in at 2 in the shape of The Bounty Hunter.

Ten years ago
Robots made it's debit at the top of the box office knocking Will Smith's Hitch down to second place.

Fifteen years ago
Toy Story 2 was still at number 1 after 7 weeks weeks at the top, the highest new entry of the week was the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, released after the death of it's director Stanley Kubrick, and the fist time it has been in cinemas in the UK since 1971.

17th March 2015

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel makes it 3 weeks at the top in a very quiet weekend at the UK box office.

A third weekend take of £1.4 million sees The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel bring it's total up to 1£1.7 million which is keeping it in-line (a little ahead in fact) to it's predecessor.

Highest new film of the week is Run All Night starring Liam Neeson and Ed harris which enters the box office at number 2.

A relatively low opening gross of just over £800,00 will probably see the film disappear quite quickly from the box office chart.

The only other new film opening on the top 10 this week is Suite Francaise at number 4 with a half a million debut.

Historical charts

A year ago
This time last year a video game adaptation of Need For Speed hit the top of the box office on it's debut knocking 300 Rise of an Empire down to 3rd.

Five years ago
Alice in Wonderland was still riding the top of the box office with the highest new film at 2 in the shape of Shutter Island.

Ten years ago
Hitch made it's way to the top on it's debut weekend knocking Boogeyman from the top to number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Toy Story 2 retained it's lead at the top of the box office and in a very quiet week for new releases the highest new film was The insider at number 7.

Movie details
UK total gross

US total gross

Global total gross

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Box Office Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 9

Box Office Chart History