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Hitman Agent 47

Hitman Agent 47

Directed by

Aleksander Bach


Dan Bakkedahl
Charlene Beck
Michael Bornhutter
Melissa Broughton
Nils Brunkhorst
Michaela Caspar
Alvin Chan
Michael Corcoran
Manuel Depta
Andrew Di Bartolomeo
Georg Ebinal
Jorg Ellmer
Rupert Friend
Waye Leon Goh
Matthias Gunther
Jesse Hergt
Jerry Hoffmann
Florian Hotz
Sebastian Hulk
Tom Jester
Rolf Kanies
Michael Knese
Felix Koch
Alrik Kreemke
Thomas Kretschmann
Daniel Michael Nelson
Peter Paes
Helena Pieske
Mona Pirzad
Jurgen Prochnow
Markus Ranglack
Kira Smidt
Daniel Stockhorst
Johannes Suhm
Eskindir Tesfay
Asuka Tovazzi
Hannah Ware
Janice Koh Yu-Mei
Melanie Benna
David Bruckner
Dennis Heath
Jessica Lois
Prince William E. Morris
Emilio Rivera
Chris Theisinger
Joe Toedtling

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Fri, 24th May 2019

Hitman 2’s first expansion unleashes Agent 47 on Wall Street  Yahoo Entertainment

Hitman 2 is getting more *content* with a new mission and destination in its first Expasion Pack. Agent 47 is heading to Wall Street to deliver justice.

Mon, 24th June 2019

Detective Pikachu now the highest-earning video game movie ever  Looper

Pokemon: ​​Detective Pikachu​ has solved the mystery of how to go about making a successful video game adaptation. The Ryan Reynolds-starrer currently ...

Wed, 17th July 2019

How To Train Your Dragon’s Jay Baruchel wants to make a Hitman movie  Metro.co.uk

Jay Baruchel speaks to GameCentral about why he wants to make a Hitman movie, deeming the past attempts 'cr*p'.

Fri, 15th February 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 Movie ‘More of a Possibility’ Because of Keanu Reeves  Game Rant

Cyberpunk series creator Mike Pondsmith reveals that a Cyberpunk 2077 movie is 'more of a possibility' now that Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is a part of the ...

Thu, 4th July 2019

Agent 47 Actor Calls Hitman Movie ‘Pile of S—‘  Game Rant

Timothy Olyphant, the actor who portrayed Agent 47 in Hitman and Sheriff Seth Bullock in Deadwood, comments on his time working on the Hitman (2007) ...

Wed, 22nd May 2019

2nd September 2015

Following the path laid down by its US box office release, Straight Outta Compton this week climbs to the top of the UK box office on its debut.

A low week overall for the box office grosses and Compton's weekend take is £2.4 million, it is higher than last weeks top film.

Last weeks top film was Paper Town which this week takes a big shove down the box office and ends up at number 8 this week.

A £452,953 second weekend gross brings the film to £3.4 in total with the prospect of a very short 3 week run.

Worth noting is the run of Inside Out which once again is at 2 and again topps the chart if we count Monday - Sunday figures.<> Also new this week is Hitman Agent 47 at number 3 and 45 Years new at number 10, Zak Efrons We Are Your Friends is considered a flop with a number 13 entry.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Lucy retained its position at the top of the box office while the top new film was Lets Be Cops at number 2.

Five years ago
Adam Sandler continued his box office run with Grown Ups which made its debut at the top knocking off The Expendables which fell to number 4.

Ten years ago
New at the top was of TV remake The Dukes of Hazzard which knocked of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which was at 2.

Fifteen years ago
X-Men held film at the top of the box office stopping Shanghai Noon from topping the chart, it had to make do with a number 2 debut.

Twenty years ago
Sandra Bullock hit the top with While You Were Sleeping on its debut weekend knocking Die Hard With A Vengeance down to 2.

Twenty five years ago
Die Hard 2 Die Harder stayed at the top leaving Wild At Heart to debut at number 2.

31st August 2015

Across the global box office this week Terminator Genisys gets a return to the top thanks to big numbers from its Chinese release.

The film was a relatively big hit earlier in the year on its western release and now gets a big boost and goes back on top, from 26 countries it takes $23.7 million for a global $409 million.

Highest new film of the week if War Room which is new at number 9, the faith based film take $11.3 million from just 11 countries.

Top grossing film on the chart is Minions which break the $ 1 Billion barrier this week and becomes the fourth film in 2015 to do so.

Here is the full global top 10.

  1. Terminator Genisys - $23,790,000
  2. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation - $23,600,000
  3. Straight Outta Compton - $19,743,530
  4. Minions - $17,824,480
  5. Hitman Agent 47 - $16,950,000
  6. Hundred Regiments Offensive - $16,200,000
  7. The Dead End - $14,000,000 $14,000,000
  8. Inside Out - $12,256,000
  9. War Room - $11,325,000
  10. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $9,970,000

24th August 2015

Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation manages to hold onto the world box office for another week with $36.9 million from 64 countries, one of the wides release at the moment.

The Tom Cruise film has had a very successful run at the world box office and has to date made $438 million in global takings.

Having a big boost this week thanks to a massive opening in China is Terminator Genisys which goes back up to number 2 with $26.2 million from 2 countries, global to date is $353 million.

Highest new film of the week if the Chinese film Bride Wars, not to be mistaken with the American film of the same name from 2009.

Bride Wars (or ????? to give it the proper title!) takes $23.6 million from just the single country it has been released in, China.

Here if the full top 10 global films this week.

  1. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation - $36,900,000
  2. Terminator Genisys - $27,610,000
  3. Straight Outta Compton - $26,876,125
  4. Bride Wars - $23,600,000
  5. Fantastic Four - $19,850,000
  6. Hitman Agent 47 - $16,700,000
  7. Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $15,420,000
  8. Sinister 2 - $13,633,000
  9. Go Away Mr. Tumor - $13,000,000
  10. Minions - $12,506,290

24th August 2015

No change at the top for Straight Outta Compton which claims its second week as the top film in America with $26.7 million.

This brings the total gross for the Hip Hip film to $111 million over the 2 weeks of release, not bad for a film costing $29 million to produce.

Highest new film of the week was horror film Sinister 2 getting the jump on the Halloween season early.

Sinister 2 takes $10.6 million on it's debut. Also new this week is video game adaptation Hitman Agent 47 at number 4 and American Ultra at number 6.

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Hitman Agent 47

Popular in: China and Canada

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Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 2

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