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Directed by
David A. Stewart
Nicole Appleton
Natalie Appleton
Melanie Blatt
Derek Deadman
Graham Fletcher-Cook
Vinny Reed
Karina Iszatt
Peter Facinelli
Rick Warden

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21st March 2013

We've been drip fed Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer since the end of last year, now check out the best so far.

The last trailer was to be honest a little boring, but Abrams has redeemed himself now (as if directing Star Wars Episode VII wouldn't do that!) by giving us a blindingly good trailer.

This new trailer just makes we want the next few weeks to disappear so I can go and see this film on 10th May.

Check out the trailer below

7th June 2009

All the best new at the moment seems to centre around the back to beginning Star Trek film being made by JJ Abrams. A couple of days ago some luck journalists were invited to a screening of some major scenes of the new film (personally I's prefer not to see them yet), and now a leaked image of the ship.

To be honest there is not many directions you can go with the look and feel of the ship, the history (is that right?) of Enterprises NCC 1701 no letter though to E is pretty much set in stone and it would take a brave person to change that, so the new look is a little retro but you can certainly see how this would evolve into the ship we came to love from the series.

Still a while to go before next May's release but take a look below for the image of the ship.

7th June 2009

Fourth films in series are hard to get right, although in the terminator series the third was hard to get right, but maybe with the fourth something is going to be right.

The first glimpse can be seen in the new teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation, and although it doesn't give anything away I think Christian Bale could be quite good in the John Connor role, he has the look.

The film, as stated in the trailer, is the beginning of the end, although this is a new trilogy, and no Mr S. in these films. To be honest as long as ité─˘s Terminator through and through, which Terminator 3 failed to be for the large part, I doné─˘t mind. I managed to finally get round to watching the TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles the other day, and the first episode was more Terminator the most of the 3rd film.

There is a bit of time to go yet before the release, currently scheduled for 5th June 2009, but this early glimpse gives hope. Check out the trailer here.

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