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I Am Wrath

I Am Wrath
Directed by
Chuck Russell
Christopher Meloni
Amanda Schull
Sam Trammell
Patrick St. Esprit
Rebecca De Mornay
Asante Jones
Paul Sloan
Luis Da Silva Jr.
Jordan Whalen
Jayden Blake Cochran
Caroline Kane
Robert Forte Shannon III
Stacy Levi
James Logan
Doris Morgado
Tommy Lafitte
Georgianna Brent
Elizabeth Irene
Llysa Rie Iesaka
Jose W. Byers
Robert Oppel
Derrick Gilliam
Melissa Bolona
J. Brett Prince
Steve Kim
Dana Langshaw
Grace Langshaw
Beth Williams
Jeff Bairstow
Jeffrey Grover
Adam Hicks
Madeleine Woolner
Spencer Jay Kim
Anthony P. DuBois
Karly Ratzenberger
Chester E. Tripp III
Matt Rogers
Caitlin Rearden
Claire Graham
Tasha Neal
Rex Alba
Mark Colombo
Shelagh Conley
Xavier Declie
Alex Donnolo
Richard Doone
Kim Evans
Rod Fielder
Robert Gerding
Jim Gloyd
Steven Havira
Dennis Craig Hensley
Isabel Hickok
Cora Higgins
David Hutchison
Megan Hutton
Peter Jang
Matthew Jolly
Misty M. Jump
Zach Lane
Tam Le Pham
Pamela Mann
Jon Mazur
Lucas Rick O'Brien
Kenny Parks Jr.
Ellen Pepper
Lolita Price
Jerry Rowlands
Jettzen Shea
Mark Turkeltaub
Michael Urriquia
Peggy Warner
William Willet
Angie Willmott

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I Am Wrath: John Travolta gives in to the geri-action genre  The Guardian

Crime is down,” proclaims the liberal governor of Ohio in the opening scenes of the new action thriller I Am Wrath (available to stream from Monday).

Sat, 7th May 2016

Review: Vengeance, Thy Name Is Travolta, in ‘I Am Wrath’  New York Times

“I Am Wrath” is a revenge movie, and a buddy movie, and a spiritual-crisis movie, and a political corruption movie. That's a lot of movies — too many, really, and ...

Thu, 12th May 2016

Asgard's Wrath Announce Trailer Reveals A Violent VR Action-RPG, And I Am Down  Informed Pixel

Norse Gods, warriors, monsters, and gratuitous violence? Yup, that ticks all my boxes. California based Indie developer Sanzaru games, responsible for VR ...

Tue, 5th February 2019

‘I Am Wrath’ Trailer: John Travolta Does His Best ‘John Wick’  Collider.com

Watch the first I Am Wrath trailer for the gun-slinging action flick starring John Travolta as a man on a mission to avenge his wife's murder.

Wed, 9th March 2016

This New John Travolta Movie 'I Am Wrath' Is Basically a 'John Wick' Reboot  Inverse

Now that we're living in the Travoltaissance -- thanks to a head-turning role in Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story -- we all knew there was more Travolta likely ...

Mon, 22nd February 2016

[Blu-ray Review] 'I Am Wrath' Could Have Used More Meloni  Bloody Disgusting

Chuck Russell's I Am Wrath is not a good movie, but there is a good movie contained somewhere within, desperately trying to scratch and claw it's way out.

Thu, 28th July 2016

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