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I Kissed A Vampire

I Kissed A Vampire
Directed by
Chris Nolan
Lucas Grabeel
Adrian Slade
Chris Coppola
Mekia Cox
Amy Paffrath
Emily Morris
Lori Lively
Sally Slade
Katie Seeley
Autumn Grabeel
Mike Slade
Tahlena Chikami
Molly Nolan
Julie Wolf
Candice Love
Brooke Webber
Joe Abanto
Krystal Belle
Bailey Billet
Jack Chevanty
Travis Cooper
Mike Eckert
Rachel Emery
Carey Fox
Alison Haggerty
Lisa Han
Nathan Hertz
Marissa Labog
Arthur Lazaro
Michelle Macedo
Chereese Mackey
Marqos Maldonado
Stephan McMaryion
Tom Mesmer
Yasmeen Montes
Pauli Pettit
Andrea Rodriguez
Abdrea Rodriquez
Craig Rose
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