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I Love You Too


Directed by

Daina Reid


Brendan Cowell
Peter Dinklage
Yvonne Strahovski
Peter Helliar
Megan Gale
Bridie Carter
Travis McMahon
Katrina Milosevic
Steve Bisley
Madeleine Harding
Cindy Waddingham
Leon Bryant
Angela Scundi
Rachel Waters
Heidi Valkenburg
Brett Tucker
Aljin Abella
Thor Bloomfield
Steven Gates
Dave Lawson
Rhett Hughes
John Huntley
Robert Price
Linc Hasler
Wilhelmina Stracke
Daniela Velickovic
Dom Phelan
Marshall Napier
Eden Porter
Rik Brown
Jason Geary
John Flaus
Jackie Kelleher
Christine Whelan
Cliff Ellen
Toby Truslove
Luke Scully
Sally Cooper
Sally Anne Upton
Daina Reid
Christopher Kirby
Frederique Fouche
Grant Cartwright
Suzie Dee
Mark Silveira
Terry Yeboah
Stephany Avila
Ronald Jacobson
Hamish Blake
Katie Jean Harding
Angus Sampson
Nicholas Bell
Anne Cordiner
Oscar Helliar
Paula Armfield
Gavin Harris
Shannon Meilak
Guy Newton

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