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I'm Not There

I'm Not There
Directed by
Todd Haynes
Marcus Carl Franklin
Kris Kristofferson
Don Francks
Roc LaFortune
Larry Day
Paul Cagelet
Brian R.C. Wilmes
Pierre-Alexandre Fortin
Richie Havens
Tyrone Benskin
Kim Roberts
Eric Newsome
Angela Galuppo
Jane Wheeler
Peter Friedman
David Gow
Fanny La Croix
Kim Gordon
Matthew Harbour
Kyle Switzer
Terry Haig
Greg Kramer
Gordon Masten
Bill Croft
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Gabrielle Marcoux
Jessey LaFlamme
Jennifer Rae Westley
Pierre LeBlanc
Tim Post
Richard Robitaille
Ivan Freud
Holly O'Brien
Danny Blanco Hall
Susan Glover
Vito DeFilippo
Andrew Simms
Lisa Bronwyn Moore
Jessica Kardos
Garth Gilker
John Koensgen
Mark Camacho
Lorne Brass
Andrew Shaver
Tavis Eachan Triance
Frederic Charest
Warren Brewer Auld
Simon P.F. Nixon
Andrew Greene
Paul Van Dyck
Al Vandecruys
Leif Anderson
Brett Watson
Wyatt Bowen
Paul Johnston
Niko Romberg
Clarice Byrne
Maggie Castle
Joe Cobden
Richard Jutras
Daniel Richard Giverin
Matt Holland
Nol Burton
Bruce Greenwood
Kyle Gatehouse
Jason Cavalier
Greta Papageorgiu
Trevor Hayes
Marie-Hlne Chartrand
Marie-Julie Rivest
Jesse Todd
Lina Roessler
Sherry Haynes
Johann St-Louis
Mickael Sbastien Vitanza
Pierre-Luc Lebeau
Jean-Nicolas Dry
Kathleen Fee
Emmanuel Schwartz
Pauline Little
David Cross
Eugene Brotto
Shawn Baichoo
Benz Antoine
Craig Thomas
Catherine Colvey
Max Walker
Jean-Pierre Lalonde
Paul Spence
Alison Folland
Graham Cuthbertson
Shaun Balbar
Felix Pennell
Jeremy Kantor
Alexis Demers
Steve Godin
Arthur Holden
Thiry Dub
Rob Burns
Leigh Ann Taylor
Jim James
Joey Burns
John Convertino
Jane Gilchrist
Dennis St John
Maxime Billick
Matthew Boylan
Patrick Costello
Hlna Lalibert
Dominic James
Nathalie Girard
Sharlene Royer
Kathryn Kostlivy
Yolonda Ross
Pier Paquette
Jodie Resther
Kassandra Dasent
Phyllis Gooden
Jean-Loup Yale
Melantha Blackthorne
James Gill

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I'm Not There

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 15

Weeks on box office: 3

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