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In Fear

In Fear

Directed by

Jeremy Lovering


Iain De Caestecker
Alice Englert
Allen Leech

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25th January 2010

Looks like there are rumblings around, this time from blog site marketsaw, that talks are afoot to produce a sequel to the Gremlins films in 3D.

Now I know that Avatar is set to be the biggest grossing film ever within the next few weeks, and this is something that cant be ignored, and there is certainly an argument that the reason is because it's the best example of 3D yet, but do all new Hollywood blockbusters need to be in 3D?

There has also been the odd rumor here and there of another 80's franchise being resurrected in 3D, that of Ghostbusters, so all the new 're-boots' are going to be in 3D are they, actually all 2011 big Hollywood blockbusters will be I think.

Personally it's nice to have a film in 3D, but the industry is in fear making this the norm, and eventually we'll either expect 3D or just ignore it.

There are plenty of arguments out there for there not to be 3D, is it a gimmick? It certainly doesn't improve the narrative and isn't cinema and film all about telling a story? Avatar works just as well when you see it in 2D.

Of course time will tell, but I sincerely hope 3D is here to stay, but lets limit it's use to films which will benefit from the effect, rather than making the film fit the 3D effect.

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