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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

122 minutes (2 hours 02 minutes)
23rd May
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Directed by


Indiana Jones
Irina Spalko
Karen Allen
Marion Ravenwood
Mutt Williams
'Mac' George Michale
Professor Oxley
Dean Charles Stanforth
Igor Jijikine
Dimitri Diatchenko
Russian Suit
Ilia Volok
Russian Suit
Emmanuel Todorov
Russian Soldier
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Russian Soldier
Andrew Divoff
Russian Soldier
Venya Manzyuk
Russian Soldier
Alan Dale
General Ross
Joel Stoffer
Neil Flynn
V.J. Foster
Chet Hanks
Student in Library
Brian Knutson
Dean Grimes
Sasha Spielberg
Nicole Luther
Diner Waitress
Sophia Stewart
Malt Shop Teen
Chris Todd
College Brawler
Dennis Nusbaum
College Brawler
T. Ryan Mooney
Teenage Boy
Audi Resendez
Teenage Girl
Helena Barrett
Teenage Girl
Carlos Linares
Fast Speaking Inmate
Gustavo Hernandez
Shouting Inmate
Maria Luisa Minelli
Sanitarium Nun
Nito Larioza
Cemetery Warrior
Ernie Reyes Jr.
Cemetery Warrior
Jon Valera
Cave Warrior
Kevin Collins
M.P. in Guard Hut
Robert Baker
M.P. Sergeant
Andre Alexsen
Russian Soldier #1
Fileena Bahris
College Student
Jon Braver
Staff Car Driver
Amanda Bromberg
Wedding Guest
Noelle Bruno
Greaser Girl
Chris Bryant
Tim Camarillo
Peruvian Villager
Arnold Chon
Ugha Mud Warrior
Jared Christopherson
College Student
Marly Coronel
Martin Dew
Russian Scientist
Erin Frederick
Surprised Library Student
Andrew Goldfarb
Protesting Student
Ted Grossman
Peruvian Porter
Michael J. Jacyna
Russian Military Cameraman
Joe Jagatic
Russian Soldier
Alexander Kaminer
Russian Soldier
Brendon John Kelly
College Student
Adam Kirley
Teenage Boy Car Driver
Gregory Kudanovych
Russian Soldier
David LaVera
Toba - Mayan Warrior
Jonathan Lomma
Train Passenger
Janet Lopez
Candle Seller / Peru Villager
Michael Maddigan
Chuck Maldonado
Cemetery Warrior
Sean Marrinan
Hellman's Bakery Delivery Man
Steven A. Miller
College Student
Josh Mills
Tim Holt
Ian Novotny
Russian Soldier
Adam Prakop
Student in Library
Ana Maria Quintana
Peruvian Nun
Sam Rocco
College Student
Ilya Rockwell
Russian soldier
Jason Roehm
Russian Soldier
Errol Sack
Hostile Soldier
Philip J Silvera
Ugh Mud Warrior
Bogdan Szumilas
Russian Scientist
Bryan Thompson
Paul Thornton
College Professor
John H. Tobin
Sierra Madre Cowboy
Maria Zambrana
Dianne Zaremba
College Student
Ilya Jonathan Zaydenberg
Russian Soldier #5
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Mon, 29th July 2019

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The world's most famous archeologist is back! Indiana Jones is returning for it's fifth installment along with it's star cast of Harrison Ford in front of the camera and ...

Wed, 31st July 2019

'Indiana Jones 5' Official Release Date Announced, Filming Begins in 2020  Maxim

Harrison Ford is closing in on 80, but he's not done with Indiana Jones. That's one takeaway from learning via Hypebeast that the fifth Indy movie will begin.

Tue, 30th July 2019

Indiana Jones 5 Was Supposed To Release Today: Why It’s Been Delayed  Screen Rant

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16th March 2016

A new Indiana Jones film is on its way for release in 2019 an announcement from Disney confirms.

Naturally it will be directed by Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford, it would not be an Indy movie if not.

Other cast members have yet to be announced, Shia LaBeouf starred in the last film, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Indy's kid, but the actor has gone off the rails of late.

Karen Allen was also in the last movie which saw her character and Indy get married so there is room for her to appear as well.

The last film, despite being not that bad, was received with unfavourable reviews and split opinion between fans, but Disney reunited Star Wars fans with The Force Awakens so they could do the same here.

2019 is a ways away yet so expect more details to dribble out between now and closer to the time.

8th June 2009

No surprises to see that the Batman film The Dark Knight is the top grossing film in 2008 taking a staggering $994,896,852, thats £689,395,105 at todays rate of exchange.

The hype surrounding the film was immense as we went into the year and with the sad and untimely death of one of it's stars, Heath Ledger, this gave the film and even greater must see edge, and the film didn't disappoint, Ledger especially.

With The Dark Knight the runaway success it was the second biggest film of the year across the globe was a return of an old friend in the shape of Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took an incredible $783,011,114 (£542,544,744), not bad for an old man who's not been seen since 1989.

Third most popular film of the year is also the biggest animated feature of the year and Pixar/Disney had nothing to do with it. Jack Black lends his voice to the Kung Fu Panda which took $633,395,021 (£438,636,528) this year worldwide.

Also making strong numbers throughout the world this year were UK favorites Mamma Mia! with $568,704,210 (£393,821,544) and Quantum of Solace with $540,902,659 (£374,504,077) although both films are still plying in UK cinemas.

8th June 2009

Not sure if sleeper hits exist these days, but if they are then this sure as hell is one, Mamma Mia! is a film adaptation of a stage show and it has becomes the biggest film of the year in the UK.

With a gross of £69,130,014 it out grossed the number 2 film by nearly £20 million. Even more remarkable is that Mamma Mia! has now become the biggest film in the UK, topping Titanic's 10 year reign.

Sliding nicely into the runner up spot for the year is the Bond film Quantum of Solace with a UK gross of £50,405,045. Although a good gross the studio may see this as a little disappointing as the last Bond film, Casino Royale, tool £5 million more.

Third on the list is The Dark Knight with £48,685,166, many thought this might have come out on top, but clearly few realised the power of the chick flick during the year.

All three of the top films of the year are in fact still showing in cinemas across the country, despite 2 of them being available on DVD/Blu-ray already.

The rest of the top films of the year are filled by the like of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull at 4, Sex and the City: The Movie at 5, High School Musical 3 at 7 and Wall-E at 8.

Check out the full list here.

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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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