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Inherent Vice


Inherent Vice
Joanna Newsom
Katherine Waterston
Joaquin Phoenix
Jordan Christian Hearn
Taylor Bonin
Jeannie Berlin
Eric Roberts
Serena Scott Thomas
Maya Rudolph
Martin Dew
Michael Kenneth Williams
Hong Chau
Shannon Collis
Christopher Allen Nelson
Benicio Del Toro
Catherine Haena Kim
Jena Malone
Vivienne Khaledi
Yvette Yates
Andrew Simpson
Joe Dioletto
Sam Jaeger
Timothy Simons
Jack Kelly
Jillian Bell
Christian Williams
The Growlers
Alina Gatti
Elaine Tan
Martin Short
Sasha Pieterse
Wilson Bethel
Anders Holm
Emmet Unverzagt
Jefferson Mays
Erica Sullivan
Eva Fisher
Jackie Michele Johnson
Katie Schwartz
Charley Morgan
Keith Jardine
Delaina Mitchell
Michael Cotter
Peter McRobbie
Shannon C. Sullivan
Martin Donovan
Samantha Lemole
Madison Leisle
Liam Van Joosten
Matt Doyle
David Prak
Amy Ferguson
Emma Dumont
Scott Aschenbrenner
Jacqueline Ash
Ashleigh Biller
Peter Bonilla
Stu Brumbaugh
Will C.
Seth Cash
Emma Cooper
Jordan David
Adam Dorsey
Ken Edling
Jenna Emery
Al Function
Brandy Futch
Lauren Goncher
Jessica Huss
Raiden Integra
Dallas James
Christopher Karl Johnson
Laura Kranz
Kira Legg
Tracy Ann Lisa
Dakota Lupo
Sophia Markov
Victoria Markov
Eric Newnham
Shaun Parker
Richard Rekow
Rodney J. Richards
Zachary Santos
Randall Schowe
Randall Shea
Joel Shock
Matthew Skomo
JC Tremblay
Steven Wiig
Eric Womack
Christina Bobrowsky
Gregoer Boru
Marianne Bourg
Toyia Brown
Laura Colquhoun
Elizabeth Colunga
Erin Michelle Conroy
Nick de Graffenreid
Ellen Ho
Timothy Lally
Adeana Lane
Blue LoLan
Amanda Maddox
Kirstin Masters
Chelsea O'Toole
Chantal Thuy
Diana Elizabeth Torres
Daniel Yobaccio

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5th February 2015

All change at the top this week as Disney take over with their animated blockbuster Big Hero 6 making it's debut.

Like it's predecessor from the Mouse House Big Hero 6 makes it's debut at the top of the box office, and like Frozen which debuted with £4.7 million Big Hero 6 takes takes £4.2.

The release is just before the Uk school half term holiday which will see a massive boost in it's takings, and although it will do well it wont do as well as the juggernaut that has been Frozen.

Falling from the top spot this week is American Sniper which is this week at 3 and a total gross just shy of £10 million.

Making it's debut at 2, and only why of the top spot by £50,000, is Kingsman The Secret Service.

Other new films this week are: Inherent Vice at 9 and Les Contes Dhoffmann Met Opera 2015 at 10.

Historical Charts

A year ago
The Wolf of Wall Street was holding onto the top spot for another week while the highest new film was That Awkward Moment which came in at 3.

Five years ago
There was still no move for Avatar as it held onto the top spot while the highest new film was Mel Gibsons try at a comeback movie in Edge of Darkness at 3.

Ten years ago
Meet The Fockers was the highest new film which debuted at the top of the box office knocking Closer down to the runner up spot.

Fifteen years ago
Double Jeopardy made it's debut at the top of the chart knocking Angelas Ashes down to the number 2 spot.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 9

Weeks on box office: 2

Chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £739,232 and the 3178th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15