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J. Edgar

J. Edgar

Directed by


Josh Hamilton
Geoff Pierson
Cheryl Lawson
Kaitlyn Dever
Brady Matthews
Gunner Wright
David A. Cooper
Kelly Lester
Jack Donner
Dylan Burns
Jordan Bridges
Jack Axelrod
Jessica Hecht
Josh Stamberg
Michael James Faradie
Christian Clemenson
Billy Smith
Armie Hammer
Michael Rady
Ken Howard
Scot Carlisle
Geoff Stults
Sadie Calvano
Allen Nabors
Ryan McPartlin
William Bebow
Jeffrey Donovan
Joseph Culliton
Scott Johnston
Tom Archdeacon
Mike Vaughn
Miles Fisher
Stephen F. Schmidt
Dermot Mulroney
Josh Lucas
Zach Grenier
Johnny Cicco
Denis OHare
Damon Herriman
Kahil Dotay
Lea Coco
Scott C. Roe
Ernest Harden Jr.
Roberta Bassin
Steve Monroe
Christopher Lee Philips
Sean Murphy
Stephen Root
Gary Werntz
David Clennon
Michael O'Neill
Eric Larkin
Manu Intiraymi
Eric Frentzel
Michael Klinger
Shaun Daley
Emily Alyn Lind
Kyle Eastwood
Joe Bagg
Kye Palmer
Jason Harnell
Michael Gladis
Jamie LaBarber
Lea Thompson
Amanda Schull
Craig Zucchero
Gregory Hoyt
Jeff Cockey
Gerald Downey
Brennan Coulter
Jenny Phagan
Tom Christensen
Chris Caputo
Austin Basis
Adam Driver
Shannon McClain
Evan Charest
Eric Matheny
Ary Katz
Duncan Hood
Aaron Lazar
Ernest Heinz
Teresa Hegji
Thomas Langston
Robert Fleet
Joe Keyes
Christopher Shyer
Maxine Weldon
Larkin Campbell
Mark Thomason
Jennipher Foster
Keith Middlebrook
Dave Abrams
Phillip Agresta
Justin Alston
Christine Ames
Leslie Augustine
James Babbin
Fileena Bahris
Emily Banks
Christopher Basile
Brian Bell
Bradley Bingham
Karl Bittner
Andrew Blood
Chris Chauncey
Justin Douglas
Aaron Farb
Jeffrey T Ferguson
Liam Ferguson
Joe Garvey
Belinda Gosbee
Rey Goyos
David Hill
James Judice
George Kardulias
Elizabeth Karr
Gayle Kate
John William King
Kristoffer Kjornes
Dash Kolos
Sean R. Lake
Tim Lawes
Brian Linsley
Michael Macoul
Mike McKee
David James McKenzie
Johnny Meyer
Barrett Mitchell
Travis Myers
Jamie Noel
Jefferson Nogueira
Erin Pickett
Scott Pretty
Ron Pucillo
Andrew Schlessinger
Frank Scozzari
David J. Smolar
Sean Spence
Robert Stilwell
Allison Nichole Torres
Sean Velie
Cameron Webb
Corey Webber
Johnno Wilson

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J. Edgar

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J. Edgar

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 12

Weeks on box office: 1

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