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Jackie No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


UK release date 20th January 2017

Directed by

Pablo Larrain


Greta Gerwig
Billy Crudup
Richard E. Grant
Caspar Phillipson
Beth Grant
John Carroll Lynch
Max Casella
Sara Verhagen
Helene Kuhn
Deborah Findlay
Corey Johnson
Aidan OHare
Ralph Brown
David Caves
Penny Downie
Georgie Glen
Julie Judd
Peter Hudson
John Paval
Bill Dunn
Vivienne Vernes
Yann Bean
Ken Starcevic
Craig Sechler
Rebecca Compton
Bryan Ashby
David DeBoy
Stephane Höhn
Serge Onteniente
Sunnie Pelant
Aiden Weinberg
Brody Weinberg
Roland Pidoux
Antoine De la Moriniere
Gerard Pierrot
Ian McCleary
Justin Schweiger
Emmanuel Herault
William Beaux dAlbenas
Nicolas Guigou
David Friszman
Chloë Berthier
Eric Soubelet
Gaspard Koenig
Mathilde Ripley
Barbara Foliot
Albain Venzo
Frederique Adler
Patrick Hamel
Kayla Anderson
Gary Ayash
Matthew Bowerman
Rick Burk
Loretta Burnette
Jay Bush II
Stephanie Cookie Carson
Alejandro Chamorro
Richard Allen Cramer
Tom Cutler
Kahil Dotay
Lindsay Dyan Epp
Nathan Ferguson
Gregoire Foessel
Michael Garvey
Philip Greene
William Kaffenberger
George Kardulias
Stephen L. Kolb
Benjamin Loeh
Dan Mandel
Suzanne Martin
Neal McNeil
Sarah Middlemiss
John Mitchell
Jeff Moore
Maya Nalli
Chaz Riddle
Kelsey Saunders
Debra Smyers
Eric Supensky
Robert E Thompson
Marla Aaron Wapner
Don Whatley

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UK total gross

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 6

Weeks on box office: 4

UK Box Office Chart History
News from around the web
18th October 2017

With the disappointing box office debut of Blade Runner 2049 last weekend maybe its not much of a surprise that its been knocked off the top this week, the film thats done that is Happy Death Day on its debut.

The teen horror film makes its debut with a fairly lacklustre $26.5 million but there is not a lot more on the market so the box office might go through another quiet time.

Blade Runner 2049 slips down to number 2 this week with a weekend gross of $15 million, more than a 50% drop from last weekend.

Despite the fantastic reviews the general public have simply not taken to the film and with a $60 million total gross after 2 weekend the film could struggle to get to $100 million.

Also new this week and entering at number 3 is The Foreigner with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan which makes its debut with $12 million.

IT which this week is at number 4 is the longest running film with 6 weeks on the chart and the highest total grossing film with $314 million.

7th February 2017

Jackie Chan is one of, if not the top grossing and most well know star in China and his vehicle Kung Fu Yoga tops the global box office this week.

Now released in 12 countries the film takes $51.4 million for the week which brings the films total gross to $178 million.

With Chinese films dominating the top 3 Split is sitting pretty at number 4 this week and highest new film of the week is Rings at number 5.

Released in 32 countries the latest film from the Ring franchise tajes $28.2 million from its debut weekend which is split almost half and half with America and the rest of the world.

Highest total grossing movie on the global top 10 is Sing which has now made a total global gross of $487 million.

31st January 2017

The Chinese box office exploded this past week and Journey to The West The Demon Strikes Back took over at the top of global box office with release in just 7 countries.

Two other Chinese releases also did really well in the shape of Buddies In India and Kung Fu Yoga starring Jackie Chan.

The Journey to The West sequel $85 million over the week and was far and away the top film globally, a quiet week across the rest of the world helped.

Split fell from the top to number 4 this week with a weekly gross of $41 million which brings its total gross to $101.6 million from 36 countries.

Also new this week is Buddies In India which is at number 2, released in 3 countries it takes $44 million across the globe this week.

Again due to its Asian release Kung Fu Yoga lands at number 5 this week, released in 5 countries the film takes $40 million.

Highest total grossing movie on the global box office this week is Sing which has now taken $463.7 million and is still released in 62 countries.

26th July 2016

This week saw the release of a new Star Trek movie at the global box office and as with all the others in the ‘new' universe created by JJ Abrahams it is the top film globally.

Its a softer debut than Star Trek or sci-fi is used to despite good reviews and seemingly a better film then the last one but a $89.6 million debut from 38 countries is strong enough to see it dominate.

The legend of Tarzan is at 2 this week and is getting stronger across the globe as it has a staggered release, its not performing in the US but it is globally.

The film took $51 million from 62 countries for a total global gross of $260 million to date.

Biggest news of the week is the string debut for Skiptrace, the Jackie Chan action film had a big release in Asia and from 3 countries took $44 million on its debut.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the top total grossing movie on the weeks top ten global box office with $361.2 million.

Here is the global top 5.

  1. Star Trek Beyond - $89,600,000
  2. The Legend Of Tarzan - $51,130,000
  3. Ice Age: Collision Course - $51,000,000
  4. Skiptrace - $44,000,000
  5. The Secret Life Of Pets - $39,330,275

14th June 2010

It really has been the year of the remake and this week throws a little bit of a surprise for a remake of The Karate Kid which tops the chart ahead of a film version of The A-Team.

Jaden Smith (son of Will) takes the title role with Jackie Chan playing his mentor and trainer in the remake which takes $56,000,000 in the US over the weekend.

Maybe a little disappointing is the number 2 slot for the Liam Neeson headed A-Team film which can only manage a tiny $26,000,000, I really thought it would have done better on it's opening.

Shrek falls from the top to number 3 this week, and has a total US gross of $210,052,000.