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Jay And Silent Bob Reboot No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


 105 minutes (1 hours 45 minutes)
UK release date Released: 29th November 2019  |  BBFC Age Rating:  
US release date Released: 15th October 2019
Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Directed by


Jason Mewes
Kevin Smith
Silent Bob / Kevin Smith
Brodie Bruce
Melissa Benoist
Reboot Chronic
Chris Hemsworth
Holden McNeil
Val Kilmer
Reboot Bluntman
Reggie Faulken
Shannon Elizabeth
Brandon St. Randy (Lawyer)
Joe Manganiello
David Dastmalchian
Nervous Cop
Kate Micucci
Mooby's Employee
Fred Armisen
Uber driver
James Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek
Harley Quinn Smith
Joey Lauren Adams
Alyssa Jones
Diedrich Bader
Con Security Guard
Molly Shannon
Craig Robinson
Judge Jerry N. Executioner
Frankie Shaw
Keith Coogan
Keith Coogan
Jason Biggs
Tommy Chong
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Miss McKenzie Mooby's Manager
Method Man
Joseph D. Reitman
Beleaguered A.D
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
Drag Queen
Chelsea Gilson
Reporters and Crowd
Brian Quinn
Convention Attendee
Jake Richardson
Kush Guy 1
Jeff Chase
Brian OHalloran
Dante Hicks
Aparna Brielle
Marilyn Ghigliotti
Marilyn Ghigliotti
Chris Jericho
Klan Leader
Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman
Donnell Rawlings
Ralph Garman
Ted Underhill
Billy Slaughter
Jordan Monsanto
Sheenan Cole
Comic Con Attendee
Ben Gleib
Big Gun Guy
Sadie Zacharzuk
Mickey Gooch Jr.
Holly Roller
Kevin Foster
Iron Bob
Treshelle Edmond
Mike R. Moreau
Comic Con Attendee
Alice Wen
Shan Yu
Jenanne Alexander
Chronic Con Attendee
Leah Knauer
Comic Con Employee
Ernest O'Donnell
Ernest O'Donnell
Toney Chapman Steele
SWAT Officer
Scott Schiaffo
Scott Schiaffo
Brian Plaideau
Voodoo Zombie Bluntman Cosplayer
Sue-Lynn Ansari
Sue-Lynn Ansari
Elton LeBlanc
Shopping Mall Patron
Will Wilkins
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Cynthia LeBlanc
Shopping Mall Patron
Ryan James
Chronic Con Contest Winner / Jay Cosplayer
Nick Fellinger
Kush Guy 2
Liv Roush
Chelsey Cole
Walking Dead Fan
Christopher Robin Smith
Old Silent Bob / Old Kevin Smith CosPlayer
Josh Roush
Con Camera Man
William Buster Benefield
Chronic Con VIP
Matt Westphalen
Chronic Con Contest Winner / Silent Bob Cosplayer
Anthony Tari
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Jami White
Robot Chronic Cosplayer
Rusty Bourg
Swat Officer
Bill Shorter
Rocker Bob Chronic Con Extra
Chad Crawford
Cockmando Soldier
Mike Drimones
The Costumer
Dan Ballester
Chronic Con Contest Winner / Silent Bob Cosplayer
Laura Dobberstein
Wake n Bake Bluntman Cosplayer
Jay M Boyd
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Clare Bateman-King
Convention Attendee
Eric Rhoades
Baby Driver Jay Cosplayer
Nick Foreman
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Stuart Pollock
Contest Winner
Andrew Singer
Popcorn Eater
Jeff Tarnowski
Bluntman Cosplayer
Jeffrey Klemmer
SWAT Arresting Officer
Jesus J. Maldonado
Bluntman Cosplayer
Richard Pugh
Convention Attendee
Ryan Cervasio
Chronic Con Contestant Winner
Anthony Polichemi
Chronic Con Vendor
Phillip Lybrand
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Michelle Armand Schneider
Bayou A. Blunt (Cosplay)
George Gauvin
Chronic Con Vendor
Don Walter
Chronic Con Attendee / Silent Bob Cosplayer
Amanda Macon
Bluntman Cosplayer
Layla Cutler-Moore
Chronic Con Attendee
Jennifer Kaminski
Chronic Cosplayer
Gary Moore Jr.
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Brian Stoner
Convention Attendee
Mike Carbuccia
Silent But Deadly Bob Cosplayer
Jackson Yeager
Klansman / Chronic Convention Goer
Josh C. Logan
Zombie Bob Cosplayer
Steven Jennings
Chronic-Con Attendee
Dj Gove
Bluntman Cosplayer VIP
Becca Tarnowski
Chronic Cosplayer
Travis Hayward
Kevin Smith Cosplayer
Christopher Davis
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Forest Ledbetter
Silent Tusk Cosplay
Amaryllis Ruiz
Zombie Chronic Cosplayer
Verna Vendetta
Jay Cosplayer
Paul Chartier
Chronic Con Vendor
Zak Gonzalez
Bluntman Cosplayer
James Vertovec
Silent Bob Cosplayer
Jim Fairchild
Silent Bob cosplayer
Andrew James Burst
Bluntman Cosplayer
Kevin Cheatham
Skeleton Bob Cosplayer
David Mandel
Man with Coffee Outside Mooby's

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UK total gross
Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 14

Weeks on box office: 1

UK Box Office Chart History

Last week saw Frozen II at the top of the UK box office, can any of this weeks new releases do enough to top the chart this weekend?

Charlie's Angels

Knives Out

First up at cinemas this week is Knives Out, a movie directed by Rian Johnson who also directed Brick in 2006 which grossed £579.3 Thousand in the UK.

It stars Daniel Craig who last starred in Logan Lucky (2017).

The film also stars Chris Evans who last appeared in Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Charlie's Angels

Next on this weeks new release schedule is Charlie's Angels.

This new movie stars Kristen Stewart who's last film was Jt Leroy (2019)

It also stars Naomi Scott who appeared in Aladdin (2019).

The film is brought to us by 2 time director Elizabeth Banks.

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Next up this week is Jay And Silent Bob Reboot which is directed by Kevin Smith who directed Clerks in 1994.

It stars Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth who were last seen together in Thor: Ragnarok which grossed £30,936,228.

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This weekend, Friday 22nd November 2019, there are 6 new films released in the UK looking to hit the box office, but can it challenge Last Christmas for the top spot?

21 Bridges

Frozen II

First up at cinemas this week is Frozen II, a movie directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee who also directed Frozen in 2013 which grossed £43.1 Million in the UK and grossed $1,276,480,335 globally.

It stars Idina Menzel who last starred in Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018).

The film also stars Kristen Bell who also last appeared in Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018).

21 Bridges

Next on this weeks new release schedule is 21 Bridges.

This new movie stars Chadwick Boseman who's last film was Avengers: Endgame (2019)

It also stars J.K. Simmons who also appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

The film is brought to us by 2 time director Brian Kirk.


Next up this week is Ophelia which is directed by Claire McCarthy who directed The Waiting City in 2009.

It stars Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts.


Also this week there is Harriet from director Kasi Lemmons who also directed Eves Bayou in 1998.

The film features Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odom Jr. in starring roles.

Greener Grass

The long list of new releases continues with Greener Grass which is directed by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe directing together.

It stars Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe.

Them That Follow

Finally there is Them That Follow from directors Britt Poulton and Dan Madison Savage, the film stars Kaitlyn Dever and Walton Goggins.

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Come back next week when there are 3 new releases.

  • Knives Out, Wednesday, 27th November
  • Charlie's Angels, Friday, 29th November
  • Jay And Silent Bob Reboot, Friday, 29th November

From the first film Kevin Smith made back in 1994 the characters of Jay And Silent Bob have been a staple, and their reboot movie gets a BBFC age rating of 15.

15 certificate

Their first movie Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back was release back in 2001 so it was about time the film series got a reboot.

The film is directed by Kevin Smith as well as being written by him and starring him, it also stars Jason Mews.

The movie has been given a 15 age rating for strong language, sex references, drug misuse, nudity and has a runtime of 105 minutes (1 hours and 45 minutes) and the film was passed uncut.

The film is released in the UK on 29th November 2019