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Jeune And Jolie

Directed by
Franois Ozon
Marine Vacth
Graldine Pailhas
Frdric Pierrot
Fantin Ravat
Johan Leysen
Charlotte Rampling
Nathalie Richard
Djedje Apali
Lucas Prisor
Laurent Delbecque
Jeanne Ruff
Carole Franck
Olivier Desautel
Serge Hefez
Akla Sari
Nathan NDiaye
Anne-Elina NDiaye
Stefano Cassetti
Patrick Bonnel
Gurvan Cloatre
Roland David
Rachel Khan
Caroline Breton
Iliana Zabeth
Charlotte-Victoire Legrain
Jules Gruault
Lilian Minas
Jules Bourbon
Ugo Bokhobza
Anas Clergeau
Achille Couderc
Tess Girault de Castilla
Victor Le Dauphin
Coline Mortier
Thas Becq de Fouquires
Mathilde Bleu
Victor Boulanger
Rosalie Charrier
Violette Deffontaines
Nassim Gouaini
Paul Hadji Lazaro
Franois Haueter
Roxane Khodabandehlou
Camille Lemoine
Zo Lizot
Alice Paulet
Marie Sebillotte
Vincent Silhol
Camille Tilak
Flicie Cazaubon
Pauline Legrand
Tom Le Squer
Thomas Brazete

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Nothing perks up the business of being a critic like a film that splits an audience in two.

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Francois Ozon's new French-language film, Jeune Et Jolie ('Young and Beautiful') explores one girl's venture into prostitution and the impact it has on her life via ...

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François Ozon´s latest film, L´Amant Double, caused a frisson of excitement and confusion at this year´s Festival de Cannes, and has been hailed as one of the ...

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Jeune And Jolie

UK BBFC Certificate: 18


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29 November 2013