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Jian Bing Man

Jian Bing Man
Directed by
Chengpeng Dong
Chengpeng Dong
Amber Kuo
Yan Liu
Shanshan Yuan

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News from around the web
China Reveals its New Superhero: Jianbing Man  The Beijinger

Superman can fly. Iron Man has his armored suit. Heck, even the Green Hornet has a gun. Now China has ... wait for it ... Jianbing Man with his, ummm, extra ...

Thu, 9th April 2015

'Jian Bing Man' US, Australia, New Zealand Release Date Set for July  Hollywood Reporter

The hit quirky action flick also stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Wed, 22nd July 2015

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Play A Supervillain In The Trailer For 'Jian Bing Man'  UPROXX

Jean-Claude Van Damme goes supervillainous in a Chinese comedy.

Tue, 26th May 2015

Jean-Claude Van Damme In Trailer For Chinese Superhero Film Jian Bing Man  Comicbook.com

Check out this new trailer for the Chinese superhero-comedy film Jian Bing Man, which features the Muscles from Brussels still kicking butt at the tender age of ...

Fri, 29th May 2015

5-Minute Docuseries Maps China's Best Breakfasts  Sixth Tone

As connoisseurs of colorful cuisines celebrate the unofficial World Jianbing Day on Tuesday, an unconventional online series is serving up more than just the ...

Tue, 30th April 2019

Chinese Superhero Movie ‘Pancake Man’ Heads For U.S. Release (EXCLUSIVE)  Variety

Chinese super hero comedy “Pancake Man (“Jian Bing Man”) which has cameos from Jean-Claude van Damme, is to get a North American release .

Fri, 10th July 2015

27th July 2015

The Minions are proving to be a massive worldwide hit and hold onto the top for another week leaving Ant-Man to sit in the wings again.

To be fair the Minions is released in more territories, 61, as opposed to Ant-Man's 49, but still the Minions have now grossed $759.3 million after a $66 Million weekend, it has now grossed more that Despicable Me and on course for Despicable Me 2.

Chinese film Monster Hunt is at 3 from just 5 territories having grossed $46 million so far, it has this week become the highest grossing Chinese film with $212 million dollars.

Highest new film of the week is Pixels the new Adam Sandler film with takes $45.4 million for the week from 57 countries.

Other new film doing well across the world are Paper Towns with $20.5 million from 38 countries and Southpaw with $20 million from 5 countries.

Here is the full worldwide top 10

  1. Minions - $66,058,050
  2. Ant-Man - $60,165,000
  3. Monster Hunt - $46,000,000
  4. Pixels - $45,400,000
  5. Inside Out - $35,656,000
  6. Jian Bing Man (Pancake Man) - $25,000,000
  7. Paper Towns - $20,500,000
  8. Southpaw - $20,000,000
  9. The Assassination - $19,500,000
  10. Trainwreck - $17,501,950

20th July 2015

There is no moving the little yellow Minions from the top of the world box office this week despite strong competition from Marvels Ant-Man.

The Minions held their own with a weekly gross of $116.4 million from 57 countries, it's world gross now sits at a very healthy $625.5 million.

Ant-Man flies into second poisons on its first week of release and takes an excellent $114.4 million from just 38 countries.

From just 2 countries Monster Hunt takes an incredible $72 million and sits at number 3 while Jian Bing Man takes $61 million from just a single country.

The full world top 10 looks like this:

  1. Minions - $116,444,705
  2. Ant-Man - $114,440,000
  3. Monster Hunt - $72,000,000
  4. Jian Bing Man - $61,000,000
  5. Inside Out - $32,960,000
  6. Trainwreck - $30,237,850
  7. Terminator Genisys - $27,600,000
  8. Jurassic World - $23,661,465
  9. Monkey King: Hero Is Back - $22,500,000
  10. Magic Mike XXL - $10,300,000

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